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Team Refuse
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Team Information
Location: Greece Greece
Sponsor(s): Tesoro
Created: 2013-03-01
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Team Refuse is a professional gaming organization originally formed in 2010. They announced the formation of their first League of Legends team in March 2013.


Originally formed in 2013, the League of Legends division of Team Refuse was recently reformed with a full Polish roster. The team hopes to qualify for the Spring Split of the EU Challenger Series via the Spring Qualifier.


  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013

Player Roster


C ID Name Role Next Team
Poland Unknown Marcin Kubicki 01 Top Bobaskilogo std.png Bobaski
Poland t4nky Karol Słomka 02 Jungle Bobaskilogo std.png Bobaski
Poland Sebekx Sebastian Smejkal 03 Mid TKlogo std.png Team Kinguin
Poland Puki style Łukasz Zygmunciak 04 AD Bobaskilogo std.png Bobaski
Poland Mystiques Patryk Piórkowski 05 Support Bobaskilogo std.png Bobaski
Sweden Larssen Emil Larsson 03 Mid ManaLlogo std.png ManaLight
Sweden Blumigan Marcus Blom 05 Support CEClogo std.png Crew e-Sports Club
Sweden S4mpe Samuel Persson 04 AD Mymlogo std.png MeetYourMakers.TR
Sweden Xyraz Gustav Blomkvist 01 Top TTlogo std.png Team Turquality
Poland Koi Jakub Nowicki 01 Top Logo std2.png Kulturalni Zawodnicy
Poland t4nk Karol Słomka 02 Jungle ZONElogo std.png ZONE eSports
Poland Sebekx Sebastian Smejkal 03 Mid CKlogo std.png Caseking Gaming
Poland tantrum Damian Klimczak 04 AD ZONElogo std.png ZONE eSports
Poland SlodkaPanda Piotrek Pacelik 05 Support
Turkey Revyls Harun Yavuz 11 Sub Mymlogo std.png MeetYourMakers.TR
Poland Ravenno Michał Owczarski 03 Mid CEClogo std.png Crew e-Sports Club
Poland Unknown Marcin Kubicki 01 Top CEClogo std.png Crew e-Sports Club
Poland Omnibrag Arkadiusz Szwarcer 05 Support
United Kingdom Numlocked Seb Barton 01 Top Chokelogo std.png Choke Gaming
Sweden Peanut Marcus Edborg Jungle
Germany Fuuzen Oliver Böske 03 Mid
Netherlands Slyv3r Job Goossens 04 AD VcElogo std.png Vengeance eSports
Denmark Visdom Benjamin Ruberg 05 Support Mistrallogo std.png Team Mistral
Denmark Achuu Nicolaj Ellesgaard 04 AD Mistrallogo std.png Team Mistral
Sweden Diximiq 01 Top
Greece Colville Chrístos Mílos 02 Jungle
Greece Frost Nikos Psomás 03 Mid
Greece Donj Xaris Spanoudakis 04 AD
Greece WildPanda Dimosthenis Dimitriadis 05 Support DDlogo std.png Different Dimension
Greece TheNefert Petros Tsegas 05 Support
Denmark Dorathor Dario Rahimic 01 Top
Sweden sSatanClaus Dennis Lioubartsev 02 Jungle
Sweden Wyxi Dmitrij Lioubartsev 03 Mid
Netherlands Abbadon Cornelis Paul van Stee 04 AD
Germany Skumbag Cat Stefanie Wosnitza 05 Support
Sweden Tornale Marcus Kjellin 01 Top



ID Name Position
Greece Airborner Nick Konstado Founder and Owner
Greece Kostas Kostas Konstantopoulos Chief Executive Officer
Greece PavlozzZ Pavlos Kefalonitis Chief Operating Officer
Denmark Agratah Chris Hammerum Chief Gaming Officer


ID Name Position Next Team
Netherlands Rickkyy Rick Wouda Chief Gaming Officer
Greece Angelos Perlegkas Chief Operating Officer
Netherlands Rudimental Ruud Wessels Managing Director
United Kingdom Crob Dom Oxenford Manager
Turkey Revyls Harun Yavuz 11 Manager/Coach Mymlogo std.png MeetYourMakers.TR
Germany Walle Wolfgang Landes Analyst Sklogo std.png SK Gaming
Netherlands Critting Christiaan Doesburg Analyst

Team Achievements

In Minor, Monthly, and Weekly Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-01-28 I1ZNQ 2015 EU CS Spring Qualifier 0 : 2 Gamers2logo std.png Gamers2
Date Event Result Winnings
2015-04-18 MittMedia Cup Gold.png Team Refuse Refuselogo std.png 2 : 0 InFlogo std.png inFerno eSports SEK 15,000
Date Event Result Winnings
2014-09-08 Weekly Epic Gear Cup #19 Gold.png Team Refuse Refuselogo std.png 1 : 0 Logo std2.png DEATH € 250
2014-08-31 Go4LoL EU West #209 Gold.png Team Refuse Refuselogo std.png 1 : 0 ROCKlogo std.png Team ROCK € 450
2014-08-23 Insomnia52 Summer 2014 Bronze.png Team Refuse Refuselogo std.png 1 : 2 Logo std2.png Best UK team Kappa £ 900
2014-08-11 Weekly Epic Gear Cup #15 Gold.png Team Refuse Refuselogo std.png 1 : 0 Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports EU € 250
2014-08-10 Go4LoL EU West #206 Gold.png Team Refuse Refuselogo std.png 1 : 0 Logo std2.png Celadon Sports Iceborn € 450
2014-06-30 Weekly Epic Gear Cup #9 Gold.png Team Refuse Refuselogo std.png 1 : 0 ForTheWinlogo std.png For The Win eSports € 250
2014-06-02 Weekly Epic Gear Cup #5 Gold.png Team Refuse Refuselogo std.png 1 : 0 MyRlogo std.png myRevenge Spain € 250

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