CBLOL All-Star 2015

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CBLOL All-Star 2015
Cblol allstar.jpg
League Information
Organizer: Riot Games
Server: Brazil
Event Type: Offline
Country Brazil Brazil
Location: Goiânia
Format: Playoffs
Date: 2015-11-22
Links: Website
Winner: Alocslogo std.png Team Alocs
Second: Espeonlogo std.png Team Espeon
Third: Dioudlogo std.png Team Dioud
Looplogo std.png Team Loop
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CBLOL All-Star 2015 is the first Brazil-only All-Star event, featuring 20 of the region's most popular players, as voted for by fans. The tournament will take place in Goiânia, Goiás.



  • Team Selection
    • Pool of 20 players are voted for by the public
    • Four team captains: Espeon, Loop, Alocs, and Dioud
    • Captains chose their teams in random draw at CBLOL studio
  • Tournament Structure
    • Single elimination playoff bracket
    • Semifinals are best of 1
    • Final is best of 3

Team Rosters

Team Espeon
Team Espeonlogo square.png
Brazil Danagorn  
Brazil Revolta
Brazil Kami
Brazil brTT
Brazil Espeon
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Team Loop
Team Looplogo square.png
Brazil LEP  
Brazil Leko
Brazil YoDa
Brazil esA
Brazil Loop
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Team Dioud
Team Dioudlogo square.png
Brazil Yang  
Brazil Minerva
Brazil Robo
Brazil Kalec
France Dioud
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Team Alocs
Team Alocslogo square.png
Brazil takeshi  
Brazil Nappon
Brazil tockers
Brazil micaO
Brazil Alocs
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  Semifinals Finals
  Dioudlogo std.png Dioud 0
  Alocslogo std.png Alocs 1
  Alocslogo std.png Alocs 2
  Espeonlogo std.png Espeon 1
  Espeonlogo std.png Espeon 1
  Looplogo std.png Loop 0


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Game Schedule
Round Match Result Date YOU PST CET KST Countdown VoDs/Stream Discussion
Dioud Dioudlogo std.png
vs. Alocslogo std.png Alocs
[Show] 2015,11,22,15,00 2015,11,22,15,00 07:00 16:00 00:00 -- -
Espeon Espeonlogo std.png
vs. Looplogo std.png Loop
[Show] 2015,11,22,16,00 2015,11,22,16,00 08:00 17:00 01:00 -- -
Alocs Alocslogo std.png
vs. Espeonlogo std.png Espeon
[Show] 2015,11,22,17,00 2015,11,22,17,00 09:00 18:00 02:00 -- -

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