Team Eloblade

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Roster joined a new Organization.
Team Eloblade
Team Information
Location: Europe Europe
Created: 2012-08
Disbanded: 2012-09-24
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Team Eloblade was a European League of Legends team.


Team Eloblade was formed by several high-elo players who had already gained a reputation from European solo queue. The founding roster was comprised of former players from Team Alternate and Teamless.


  • 2012

Player Roster


ID Name Role Next Team
Germany ForellenLord Carl Lückmann 11 AP ATTaXlogo std.png ALTERNATE aTTaX
Germany Kerp Adrian Wetekam 01 Top ATTaXlogo std.png ALTERNATE aTTaX
Sweden Kottenx Markus Tingvall 02 Jungle ATTaXlogo std.png ALTERNATE aTTaX
Netherlands Metalx Tom Latour 04 AD ATTaXlogo std.png ALTERNATE aTTaX
Poland Leofromkorea Łukasz Mirek 05 Support ATTaXlogo std.png ALTERNATE aTTaX

Team Achievements

In Minor, Monthly, and Weekly Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2012-09-14 A11st IPL 5 European Qualifier #3 2 : 0 Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic $ 1,000

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