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Team Dignitas
Team Information
Location: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Coaches: David "Cop" Roberson
Park Jae-seok
Managers: Michael "ODEE" O'Dell
Charlene "Shark" Hamm
Sponsor(s): Intel
Western Digital
Corsair Gaming
Affiliated Teams (Former): Team Dignitas EU
Team Dignitas UK
Team Dignitas OCE
Created: 2003-09-09 Organization
2011-09-22 LoL Division
Disbanded: 2016-06-03 LoL Division
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Current Roster
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Team Dignitas is an International e-Sports team headquartered in Great Britain. It was founded on September 9th, 2003 as a fusion of the Battlefield 1942 clans Legion Condor and Sweden Kompanix. Later on, more teams were added to the organization, and in July 2004 Team Dignitas was registered as a company - Team Dignitas Ltd. In addition to their League of Legends team, Dignitas also sponsors teams and players for Battlefield 3, Counter Strike, Fifa, various fighting games, Quake Live, racing games, and StarCraft II. Michael "ODEE" O'Dell is the current Managing Director of the Team Dignitas organization.


Pre Season 2

Team Dignitas acquired the roster of Rock Solid in September 2011.[1] At the time, the roster included Voyboy, Jatt, scarra, imaqtpie, and L0cust, and they had recently had several strong online finishes.

The first event that the roster competed in under their new organization was IPL 3[2] Defeating Curse Gaming, Counter Logic Gaming, and then Epik Gamer, the team took home the championship and 200 circuit points. Due to their participation in the IEM New York Qualifier #1 as Rock Solid, Dignitas had an opportunity to qualify for IEM New York. They were successful and attended the tournament but did not advance from the group stage and finished tied for fifth, earning 25 Riot-circuit points.

Dignitas's next LAN was MLG Providence, where they placed third.[3] After a quarterfinal finish at WCG 2011, Jatt stepped down from the team, stating that he could "no longer put up the required time to stay at the top level and he does not want to hold his teammates back".[4] Jatt went on to join Riot Games and eventually became a caster for them.[5]

Season 2

Jatt's replacement IWillDominate joined the team in January 2012, the day before IEM Kiev.[6] Dignitas placed third there, after a semifinal loss to Team SoloMid and a third-place victory over SK Gaming.[7][8][9][10][11] That performance along with their other IEM results was enough to qualify Dignitas for the IEM Season VI World Championship in Hanover, where they placed second behind Moscow Five.[12][13]

After a third-place finish at IPL 4 in April, top laner Voyboy left the team to join CLG, while Curse's jungler Crumbzz joined the Dignitas lineup, moving to top lane; the three-way roster swap was completed by CLG Saintvicious leaving to join Curse. With only three weeks of practice before the MLG Spring Championship, Dignitas were not expected to perform well. However, they defeated Team Green Forest, Team Dynamic, and CLG Prime in the winners' bracket before finally falling to Team SoloMid and then CLG, taking home third.[14]

Along with Western teams CLG.EU and CLG Prime, Dignitas temporarily moved to South Korea to participate in Azubu The Champions Summer 2012. Unfortunately, IWillDominate suffered from many health issues and had to go to the emergency room twice. The team finished third in their group, just out of playoff contention.[15] Shortly after the event, they returned to North America. L0cust left the team, replaced Patoy.

After returning home, Dignitas competed in the 2012 MLG Summer Championship in Raleigh, an event that top North American teams TSM and CLG had notably decided not to attend in order to better prepare for the Season 2 Regional Finals and not show anyone what they were preparing. As a result, Dignitas and Curse were considered the favorites to win the entire tournament. Both teams reached the finals, but instead of playing out the series normally, they decided to play All-Random All-Mid (ARAM) in the first game. After that first game, the teams played the remainder of the series out seriously, and Curse won the series 3-2.[16] However, the teams' mutual decision to play ARAM was ruled to be collusion, and so both teams were disqualified from the tournament.[17]

The team's next LAN was the Season 2 Regional Finals, held at PAX Prime in Seattle. They placed second, beating Team Dynamic and CLG before losing to TSM in the finals. This finish gave them a seed to the Season 2 World Championship.[18] At Worlds, Dignitas was placed into Group B, along with NaJin Sword, CLG EU, and the Saigon Jokers. They losed all three of their group-stage games, with Saigon Jokers's victory considered the biggest upset of the group stage.[19]

Preseason 3

In the offseason, IWillDominate was suspended from competitive play for a year as a result of violating the Summoners Code.[20] Instead of the team looking for a new jungler, Crumbzz moved to jungle, and Dignitas picked up KiWiKiD as their new top laner.

Season 3

Due to their participation at Season 2 Worlds, Dignitas were automatically given a slot in the NA LCS Season 3 Spring Split, the first season of Riot's fully-professional league. They started out the series going 16-5 in their first 21 games before going 1-6 in their last 7. This performance was enough to secure themselves a playoff slot, where they lost immediately to Good Game University, which forced them to requalify for the summer split by beating Team Summon in a best-of-five series, which they did.

During the summer split, Dignitas performed more inconsistently than they had in the spring but still finished in fifth place with a 13-15 record, once again making it to the playoffs. This time, they showed better results in the playoffs and finished in fourth - out of Worlds contention, but safely in the 2014 Spring Split.

2014 Preseason

During the offseason, Dignitas took Patoy off the starting roster and moved top laner KiWiKiD to support. After holding tryouts to find a new toplaner, they settled on Cruzerthebruzer.[21]

2014 Season

Dignitas placed fourth in the spring round robin, with a 12-16 record. In March, long-time mid laner scarra stepped down from the team and was replaced by goldenglue for the last two weeks of the regular season. However, scarra returned for the playoffs, where they placed fifth. After the playoffs, scarra once again left the starting roster to coach the team, while Shiphtur and ZionSpartan joined from the recently-relegated Team Coast to play mid lane and top lane, respectively. Cruzerthebruzer and goldenglue both became substitutes. Team owner Michael "Odee" O'Dell was fined $1,000 USD for using offensive and vulgar language on a popular online streaming platform in June.[22]

In the summer split, despite sitting at a 6-2 record at the end of the third week, they ended the round robin in sixth place, with a 13-15 record. However, in the playoffs they managed to avoid relegation by defeating CLG in the fifth-place match.

2015 Preseason

After the conclusion of the season, scarra left the team completely, resigning his position as coach. Additionally, ZionSpartan and Imaqtpie departed; with Imaqtpie's departure, the last member of the original Rock Solid lineup was gone. When Team Curse declined their invitation to IEM Cologne, Dignitas were invited to participate in the tournament instead.[23] They tied for third with Team ROCCAT, using new acquisitions Core JJ and Gamsu for the first time, confirming long-standing rumors that those would be the team's new AD carry and top laner, respectively. The complete roster going into the 2015 season included Core JJ, Crumbzz, Shiphtur, Gamsu, and KiWiKiD.[24]

2015 Season

After the first two weeks of the spring split, Crumbzz stepped down from the team, and CloudNguyen played as Dignitas's jungler in week's 3-5; Azingy joined for week 6 and stayed for the remainder of the split. The team ended the round robin with a 6-12 record in 9th place. Winterfox, the 8th-place team, chose to play against Team Dragon Knights in relegations, leaving Dignitas to play against Team Fusion. However, while Winterfox was relegated, Dignitas stayed in the LCS for the summer season.

Two weeks into the Summer Season, Helios joined Dignitas and replaced Azingy. Despite being tied for first with a 7-2 record halfway through the season, the team struggled throughout the last half and finished sixth at 10-8. In the quarterfinals of the summer playoffs, Dignitas was swept by Team Impulse and finished 2015 with only 20 Championship Points, failing to qualify for the regional finals and eliminating them from contention for the Season 5 World Championship.

2016 Preseason

Faced with the need to sell one of their LCS teams, Dignitas sold their European team in October 2015. Brokenshard, formerly head coach of that squad, moved to their North American staff as head coach, and former Gamers2 manager InnerFlame joined as team manager.[25][26] Dignitas also revamped their roster: Smittyj and Kirei from the European Challenger team joined the team as top laner and jungler, and former Team Impulse AD carry Apollo replaced CoreJJ. With Jesse substituting in place of KiWiKiD, the new lineup debuted at IEM Cologne, where they were eliminated in the first round, losing 2-1 to China's Qiao Gu.

2016 Season

Following two 1-1 weeks in the season's spring split, Smittyj was removed from the team's starting roster and replaced by BillyBoss, due to "behavioural issues".[27] The team's worst-ever split unfolded following this change, as they saw only two further wins and – after playing the longest game of the split – finished 10th place with a 4-14 record. The same roster played in the Summer Promotion tournament, where they lost 0-3 to Team Dragon Knights, resulting in their elimination from the LCS. This made Dignitas the first of the three original North American LCS invitee teams to be relegated from the competition.

In May, Dignitas transferred its NACS Summer Season seed to Apex Gaming.[28] After Apex finished the split in seventh place, both Dignitas and Apex were acquired by the Philadelphia 76ers in September 2016, to play under the Dignitas name.[29]


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Player Roster


R C ID Name Role Contract Ends
Current Official Residency South Korea Ssumday Kim Chan-ho (김찬호) 01 Top 2017-11-20
Current Official Residency South Korea Shrimp Lee Byeong-hoon (이병훈) 02 Jungle 2018-11-19
Current Official Residency South Korea Keane Jang Lae-young (장래영) 03 Mid 2017-11-20
Current Official Residency Canada LOD Benjamin deMunck 04 AD 2018-11-19
Current Official Residency Canada Altec Johnny Ru 04 AD -
Current Official Residency USA Big Terry Chuong 05 Support 2017-11-20
Current Official Residency USA Adrian Adrian Ma 05 Support -

Temporary Subs

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
USA Daydreamin Miles Hoard 05 Support
2013 MLG Winter Championship Summer Promotion Qualifier
USA LoCicero Adam Carriere 03 Mid USA Voyboy IGN Proleague Season 3 - Atlantic City
Denmark Jesiz Jesse Le 05 Support USA KiWiKiD IEM Season X - Cologne


C ID Name Role Next Team
South Korea Chaser Lee Sang-hyun (이상현) 02 Jungle
Swifte Johnny Ngo 10 Sub/Support Tsmlogo std.png Team SoloMid
USA Xpecial Alex Chu (朱啓恩) 05 Support P1logo std.png Phoenix1
Mexico Cris Cristian Rosales 06 Sub/Top BGJlogo std.png Big Gods Jackals
USA Stunt William Chen 10 Sub/Support P1logo std.png Phoenix1
USA Apollo Apollo Price 04 AD NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs
South Korea Ray Jeon Ji-won (전지원) 01 Top C9logo std.png Cloud9
USA BillyBoss Billy Yu 01 Top Clglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
Netherlands Kirei Thomas Yuen 02 Jungle EpsilonEsportsLogo std.png Epsilon eSports
Sweden Flaxxish Olof Medin 06 Sub/Top Novalogo std.png Nova eSports
Iraq Inori Rami Charagh 07 Sub/Jungle P1logo std.png Phoenix1
Canada Shiphtur Danny Le 03 Mid Apexlogo std 2.png Apex Gaming
USA Apollo Apollo Price 04 AD Apexlogo std 2.png Apex Gaming
USA KiWiKiD Alan Nguyen 05 Support NRGlogo std.png NRG Esports
Germany Smittyj Lennart Warkus 01 Top Giantslogo std.png Giants Gaming
South Korea Gamsu Noh Yeong-jin (노영진) 01 Top Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
South Korea Helios Shin Dong-jin (신동진) 02 Jungle Casterlogo std.png Caster
South Korea Core JJ Jo Yong-in (조용인) 04 AD Samsunglogo std.png Samsung Galaxy
USA Azingy Andrew Zamarripa 07 Sub/Jungle
South Korea Heartbeat Peter Lim 10 Sub/Support
Canada CloudNguyen Stephen Nguyen 07 Sub/Jungle
USA Lattman James Lattman 09 Sub/AD FFGlogo std.png Frank Fang Gaming
Venezuela Crumbzz Alberto Rengifo 02 Jungle MSF (NA)logo std.png Misfits NA
USA Cruzerthebruzer Cruz Ogden 06 Sub/Top
USA Flappy Bearfish Tony Pham 09 Sub/AD
USA Imaqtpie Michael Santana 04 AD
Canada ZionSpartan Darshan Upadhyaya 01 Top Clglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
USA scarra William Li 08 Sub/Mid Coachlogo std.png Coach
USA goldenglue Greyson Gilmer 08 Sub/Mid CSTlogo std.png Team Coast
USA Patoy Jordan Blackburn 10 Sub/Support LoLPrologo std.png Team LoLPro
Canada Zamphira François Boucher 08 Sub/Mid COGlogo std.png COGnitive Gaming
USA DJ LAMBO David Jeong 07 Sub/Jungle
USA Kenace Nam Truong 08 Sub/Mid IOlogo std.png Infinite Odds
Canada Onionbagel Leon Chen 07 Sub/Jungle Retired.png Retired
USA SnEaKyCaStRoO Zachary Scuderi 09 Sub/AD Quantic std.png Quantic Gaming
Canada zig Derek Shao 06 Sub/Top Nexuslogo std.png Nexus Gaming
USA Evaniskus Even Stevens 10 Sub/Support Velocity eSportsLogo std.png Velocity eSports
USA I Will Dominate Christian Rivera 02 Jungle Crs Acadlogo std.png Curse Academy
USA L0cust Patrick Miller 05 Support Logo std2.png Square Duck
USA Voyboy Joe Esfahani 01 Top Clglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
USA wingsofdeathx Daryl Hennegan 11 Sub Epiklogo std.png Epik Gamer
Canada Jatt Joshua Leesman 02 Jungle Casterlogo std.png Caster

Player LCS Participation

Player 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 EU NA Total
Spring Summer Spring Summer Spring Summer Spring Summer Spring Summer
# Team # Team # Team # Team # Team # Team # Team # Team # Team # Team
Patoy 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 56 56

Crumbzz 26 Dignitaslogo std.png 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 4 Dignitaslogo std.png 18 RENlogo std.png 0 132 132

scarra 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 22 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 78 78

Imaqtpie 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 112 112

KiWiKiD 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 18 Dignitaslogo std.png 18 Dignitaslogo std.png 18 Dignitaslogo std.png 43 NRGlogo std.png 0 209 209

DJ LAMBO 2 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 2 2

Cruzerthebruzer 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 28 28

goldenglue 6 Dignitaslogo std.png 12 T8logo std.png 5 EFXlogo std.png 26 Liquidlogo std.png 8 Liquidlogo std.png 0 57 57

ZionSpartan 28 GGULogo std.png 27 CSTlogo std.png 28 CSTlogo std.png 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 16 Clglogo std.png 18 Clglogo std.png 18 Clglogo std.png 46 Clglogo std.png 44 Clglogo std.png 11 Clglogo std.png 0 264 264

Shiphtur 2 GGULogo std.png 28 CSTlogo std.png 28 CSTlogo std.png 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 18 Dignitaslogo std.png 18 Dignitaslogo std.png 18 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 140 140

Gamsu 18 Dignitaslogo std.png 18 Dignitaslogo std.png 18 Fnaticlogo std.png 24 Fnaticlogo std.png 42 36 78

CoreJJ 18 Dignitaslogo std.png 18 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 36 36

CloudNguyen 6 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 6 6

Azingy 8 Dignitaslogo std.png 4 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 12 12

Helios 20 Eglogo std.png 16 WFXlogo std.png 14 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 50 50

36 Giantslogo std.png 40 2 42
Kirei 18 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 18 18

Apollo 28 CSTlogo std.png 18 TiPlogo std.png 18 TiPlogo std.png 18 Dignitaslogo std.png 46 Apexlogo std 2.png 45 NVlogo std.png 11 NVlogo std.png 0 184 184

BillyBoss 16 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 16 16

Ssumday 44 Dignitaslogo std.png 11 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 55 55

Chaser 44 Dignitaslogo std.png 6 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 50 50

Keane 18 GVlogo std.png 18 GVlogo std.png 46 Apexlogo std 2.png 44 Dignitaslogo std.png 11 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 137 137

42 NVlogo std.png 44 Dignitaslogo std.png 11 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 102 102
Xpecial 28 Tsmlogo std.png 28 Tsmlogo std.png 28 Tsmlogo std.png 28 Crslogo std.png 18 Liquidlogo std.png 18 Liquidlogo std.png 46 Apexlogo std 2.png 41 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 235 235

Stunt 1 EFXlogo std.png
0 13 13
BIG 16 EFXlogo std.png 42 EFXlogo std.png 11 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 69 69

For a full chart listing all LCS players, click here.
Only regular season games are listed. Last update: after LCS Summer 2017 - Week 2



C ID Name Position
USA Greg Richardson President
United Kingdom ODEE Michael O'Dell President
USA Michael Slan Vice President
USA Shark Charlene Hamm NA Regional Manager
USA Cop David Roberson 11 Head Coach
South Korea Park Jae-seok (박재석) Coach
USA Saintvicious Brandon DiMarco 11 Coach


C ID Name Position Next Team
United Kingdom InnerFlame Joe Elouassi 11 General Manager MSFlogo std.png Misfits
South Korea Kim Jeong-soo (김정수) Coach LongZhulogo std.png Longzhu Gaming
Canada Raz Barento Mohammed 11 Head Coach Casterlogo std.png Caster
Denmark Jesse Jesse Le 11 Strategist IMTlogo std.png Immortals
Israel Brokenshard Ram Djemal 11 Head Coach DTlogo std.png Dream Team
South Korea JoyLuck Yun Deok-jin (윤떡진) Analyst Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
France Rico Sami Harbi Coach Clglogo std.png CLG Black
USA Mylixia Devin Nash NA Regional Manager Clglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
USA Comely Macro Specialist Clglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
USA scarra William Li 11 Coach Clglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
Canada Josh Soltis Analyst
Norway Vlanitak Erling Krohn Analyst

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-04-08 LCS logo 25x25.png A55 - 6th 2017 NA LCS Spring Playoffs 0 : 3 P1logo std.png Phoenix1
2017-03-26 LCS logo 25x25.png A66th 2017 NA LCS Spring Round Robin 9 : 9 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2016-04-06 LCS logo 25x25.png I1ZNQ 2016 NA LCS Summer Promotion 0 : 3 TDKlogo std.png Team Dragon Knights
2016-03-20 LCS logo 25x25.png B010th 2016 NA LCS Spring Round Robin 4 : 14 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2015-12-18 Esltumbnail.png A55 - 6th IEM Season X - Cologne 1 : 2 QGlogo std.png Qiao Gu Reapers $ 2,000
2015-08-08 LCS logo 25x25.png A55 - 6th 2015 NA LCS Summer Playoffs 0 : 3 TiPlogo std.png Team Impulse
2015-07-26 LCS logo 25x25.png A66th 2015 NA LCS Summer Round Robin 10 : 8 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2015-04-26 LCS logo 25x25.png I1Q 2015 NA LCS Summer Promotion 3 : 2 Team FusionLogo std.png Team Fusion
2015-03-29 LCS logo 25x25.png A99th 2015 NA LCS Spring Round Robin 6 : 12 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2014-12-20 Esltumbnail.png A33 - 4th IEM Season IX - Cologne 0 : 2 GambitLogo std.png Gambit Gaming $ 3,500
2014-08-29 LCS logo 25x25.png A55th 2014 NA LCS Summer Playoffs 3 : 1 Clglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
2014-08-03 LCS logo 25x25.png A66th 2014 NA LCS Summer Round Robin 13 : 15 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2014-04-19 LCS logo 25x25.png A55th 2014 NA LCS Spring Playoffs 2 : 1 CSTlogo std.png Team Coast
2014-04-06 LCS logo 25x25.png A44th 2014 NA LCS Spring Round Robin 12 : 16 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2013-09-01 LCS logo 25x25.png A44th LCS NA Season 3 Summer Playoffs 0 : 2 Teamvulcunlogo std.png Team Vulcun $ 10,000
2013-08-16 LCS logo 25x25.png A55th LCS NA Season 3 Summer Regular Season 13 : 15 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2013-05-12 RpPoints.png I1Q LCS NA Season 3 Summer Promotion 3 : 1 TSlogo std.png Team Summon
2013-04-26 LCS logo 25x25.png A55 - 6th LCS NA Season 3 Spring Playoffs 1 : 2 GGULogo std.png Good Game University
2013-04-19 LCS logo 25x25.png A33rd LCS NA Season 3 Spring Regular Season 17 : 11 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2013-03-16 MLG-Logo-Small.png A33 - 4th 2013 MLG Winter Championship Promotion 0 : 2 C9logo std.png Cloud9 $ 2,500
2013-03-15 MLG-Logo-Small.png A33 - 4th 2013 MLG Winter Championship International Exhibition 0 : 2 GambitLogo std.png Gambit Gaming
2012-11-03 MLG-Logo-Small.png A55 - 6th 2012 MLG Fall Championship 1 : 2 Clglogo std.png CLG Prime
2012-10-04 RpPoints.png B111 - 12th Riot Season 2 World Championship 0 : 3 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L) $ 25,000
2012-09-02 RpPoints.png A22nd Riot Season 2 North American Regionals 0 : 2 Tsmlogo std.png Team SoloMid $ 30,000
2012-07-03 Ogn logo.png A99 - 16th Azubu The Champions Summer 2012 1 : 2 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L) ₩ 4,000,000
2012-06-10 MLG-Logo-Small.png A33rd 2012 MLG Spring Championship 0 : 2 Clglogo std.png CLG Prime $ 5,000
2012-04-08 Ipllogo small.png A33rd IGN ProLeague 4 0 : 2 Clglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming $ 5,000
2012-03-10 Esltumbnail.png A22nd IEM Season VI - World Championship 0 : 2 M5logo std.png Moscow Five $ 20,000
2012-01-22 Esltumbnail.png A33rd IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Kiev 2 : 1 Sklogo std.png SK Gaming $ 3,400
2011-12-11 WCGlogo small.png A55 - 8th 2011 WCG Grand Finals 1 : 2 USAlogo std.png Chicks Dig Elo
2011-11-20 MLG-Logo-Small.png A33rd 2011 MLG Providence 0 : 2 Tsmlogo std.png Team SoloMid $ 5,000
2011-10-16 Esltumbnail.png A55 - 6th IEM Season VI - Global Challenge New York 1 : 2 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L) $ 2,100
2011-10-09 Ipllogo small.png A11st IGN ProLeague 3 2 : 1 Epiklogo std.png Epik Gamer $ 10,000
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-02-01 A22nd National ESL Pro Series Season V FFL Crslogo std.png Team Curse $ 2,500
2012-07-06 A22nd National ESL Pro Series Season III 0 : 2 Mtwlogo std.png mTw North America $ 2,500
2012-02-25 A11st LoLPro Invitational Prize Finals 2 : 0 Crslogo std.png Team Curse $ 20,000
2012-02-18 A11st LoLPro Invitational 2 : 1 Clglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming $ 5,000
2011-12-30 A11st CLG's Last Call 2011 2 : 0 Epiklogo std.png Epik Gamer $ 2,500
2011-12-18 A44th NESL Premier League Season II 0 : 2 Crslogo std.png Team Curse $ 500
Complete results in Minor, Monthly and Weekly Tournaments



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Team Interviews

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