SLTV StarSeries/Season III

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SLTV StarSeries Season III
League Information
Organizer: StarLadder.TV
Sponsor: Riot Games
Server: Tournament Realm
Event Type: Online/Offline
Country Russia Russia
Format: Groups + Playoffs
Prize pool: $ 30,000
Start Date: 2014-08-21
End Date: 2014-11-02
Links: Website
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Group Stage

  • One group with 12 teams
  • Round robin best of one
  • 1st - 2nd place advance directly into the offline finals
  • 3rd - 8th place advance into the playoffs


  • 3rd - 4th receive a bye in the first round
  • Single elimination
  • First round is best of three, while the second one is best of five
  • Winners of the playoffs advance to the offline finals

Offline Finals

  • All matches are best of three.
  • Grand final is best of five, with the team from the winner's bracket starting with a 1-0 advantage

Prize Pool

$ 30,000 USD is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize (USD) Team
Gold.png 1st $ 15,000 DWSlogo std.png Dolphins of Wall Street
Silver.png 2nd $ 7,500 HRlogo std.png Hard Random
Bronze.png 3rd $ 5,000 RoXlogo std.png RoX
Copper.png 4th $ 2,500 M5logo std.png Moscow Five


Participants (12)
ATwlogo std.png Against the Wall2 DoTe Blogo std.png Double Trouble B
DWSlogo std.png Dolphins of Wall Street1 HRlogo std.png Hard Random
Empirelogo std.png Team Empire 5SPlogo std.png 5 Solo Players
RoXlogo std.png RoX VPlogo std.png
M5logo std.png Moscow Five FoFlogo std.png Fire of Fate3
I2HARDlogo std.png i2HARD Esport Team WOFlogo std.png Without Fear
1 Internationally V becomes Dolphins of Wall Street
2 Against The Wall leaves the SLTV StarSeries[1]
3 Fire of Fate leaves the SLTV StarSeries[2]


Group Stage

Group Stage
1. DWSlogo std.png Dolphins of Wall Street 9-2 27
2. M5logo std.png Moscow Five 9-2 27
3. VPlogo std.png 9-2 27
4. 5SPlogo std.png 5 Solo Players 8-3 24
5. RoXlogo std.png RoX 7-4 21
6. HRlogo std.png Hard Random 7-4 21
7. Empirelogo std.png Team Empire 6-5 18
8. I2HARDlogo std.png i2HARD Esport Team 5-6 15
9. WOFlogo std.png Without Fear 3-8 9
10. DoTe Blogo std.png Double Trouble B 1-10 3
11. ATwlogo std.png Against the Wall 1-10 3
11. FoFlogo std.png Fire of Fate 1-10 3
Matches Won-Lost | Games Won-Lost| Points
Advances to Offline Finals
Playoff for a chance to advance to Offline Finals
Playoff with team from Pro Series.
Drops out of Star Division

Playoff A

  Round 1 Round 2
  VPlogo std.png VP 2
  HRlogo std.png HR 2
  HRlogo std.png HR 3
  Empirelogo std.png Empire 1

Playoff B

  Round 1 Round 2
  5SPlogo std.png 5SP 0
  RoXlogo std.png RoX 2
  RoXlogo std.png RoX 3
  I2HARDlogo std.png i2HARD 0

Offline Finals

  Round 1 Round 2 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  DWSlogo std.png DWS 1
  RoXlogo std.png RoX 2
  RoXlogo std.png RoX 0
  HRlogo std.png HR 2
  HRlogo std.png HR 2
  M5logo std.png M5 0
  HRlogo std.png HR
  DWSlogo std.png DWS
Loser's bracket
  RoXlogo std.png RoX 0
  DWSlogo std.png DWS 2
  DWSlogo std.png DWS 2
  M5logo std.png M5 1

View Games

  • Russia casted by Michael "Olsior" Zverev and Alexander "fiftyseven" Tabota


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  1. Команда Against The Wall покидает StarSeries (Russian)
  2. Команда Fire of Fate покидает StarSeries (Russian)