SLTV StarSeries/2015 Season/Summer Finals

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SLTV StarSeries
Summer Split 2015 Finals
League Information
Organizer: StarLadder.TV
Event Type: Offline
Country Russia Russia
Format: Playoffs
Prize pool: ₽ 2,550,000
Start Date: 2015-07-25
End Date: 2015-07-26
Links: Website
Winner: HRlogo std.png Hard Random
Second: DWSlogo std.png Dolphins of Wall Street
Third: RoXlogo std.png RoX
Fourth: CDlogo std.png Carpe Diem
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SLTV StarSeries Summer Split 2015 Finals is an last premier tournament by Starladder.TV before start for LCL.



Offline Finals

Prize Pool

₽ 2,550,000 RUB is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize Team
Gold.png1st ₽ 1,000,000
Qual to IWCT
HRlogo std.png Hard Random
Silver.png2nd ₽ 750,000 DWSlogo std.png Dolphins of Wall Street
Bronze.png3rd ₽ 500,000 RoXlogo std.png RoX
Copper.png4th ₽ 300,000 CDlogo std.png Carpe Diem


Carpe Diem
Carpe Diemlogo square.png
Denmark Doxy  
Russia Zanzarah
Kazakhstan Bebe
Ukraine WildHeart
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Dolphins of Wall Street
Dolphins of Wall Streetlogo square.png
Sweden ZvenE  
Russia Lasagna
Russia Fomko
Russia VincentVega
Russia Likkrit
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Hard Random
Hard Randomlogo square.png
Russia Smurf  
Russia Symphony
Ukraine Kira
Moldova, Republic of LeX
Russia Dimonko
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RoXlogo square.png
Russia FIRees  
Russia DimaJke  
Poland Owen  
United Kingdom DxAlchemist  
Ukraine aMiracle  
Poland Raxxo  
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  Semifinals (Bo5) Final (Bo5)
  HRlogo std.png HR 3
  CDlogo std.png CD 0
  HRlogo std.png HR 3
  DWSlogo std.png DWS 2
  DWSlogo std.png DWS 3
  RoXlogo std.png RoX 0 3rd place match
  CDlogo std.png CD 0
  RoXlogo std.png RoX 3

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  • Finals
Game Schedule
Round Match Result Date PDT EDT CEST KST Countdown VoDs/Stream
HR HRlogo std.png
vs. CDlogo std.png CD
[Show] 2015-07-25 02:30 05:30 11:30 18:30 12345
DWS DWSlogo std.png
vs. RoXlogo std.png RoX
[Show] 2015-07-25 07:30 10:30 16:30 23:30 12345
3rd Place
CD CDlogo std.png
vs. RoXlogo std.png RoX
[Show] 2015-07-26 02:30 05:30 11:30 18:30 12345
HR HRlogo std.png
vs. DWSlogo std.png DWS
[Show] 2015-07-26 07:30 10:30 16:30 23:30 12345


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