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Team has Disbanded.
Royal Paladin eSports
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Team Information
Location: Argentina Argentina
Created: 2013-07-12
Disbanded: 2014-10-15
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The team was created on September, 2013 by Pablo Ancarola and three former members from Arise Team. On those days, Royal Paladin eSports was one of the best teams from Latin America South, winning 2014 Ozone Masters League/Summer, Infinite Keys tournament and Circuito de leyendas inter alia. On August 30th of 2014 the organization adquires the roster of XIS e-Sports Club.


  • 2014
  • 2013
  • 1st Place at PuntoNet.
  • 1st Place at 2014 Ozone Masters League/Summer.
  • 1st Place at Infinite Keys summer cup.
  • 1st Place at Relampago Riot Games (20/1).
  • January, 1st Place at Relampago Riot Games cup (21/1), Relampago Riot Games cup (22/1).
  • February, 1st Place at Relampago Riot Games cup (04/2), Relampago Riot Games cup (11/2).
  • 1st Place at Circuito de Leyendas (February).
  • 1st Place at Circuito de Leyendas (March).
  • April 14th, Wardz, Nipphu and Kara leave.
  • April 29th, Yukisaki and Nicomando leave, team disbands.
  • August 30th, Royal Paladin eSports acquires the roster of XIS e-Sports Club. Nipphu, Khynm, Le Smart, Caffe and Tomex join.
  • October 15th, team disbands.
  • September, the team was created.
  • 2nd Place at Escuela Multimedial Da Vinci Tournament.
  • November, 2nd Place at WCG Argentina.
  • December, 2nd Place at All Stars League.

Player Roster


ID Name Role Next Team
Argentina Nipphu Franco Funes 01 Top LKlogo std.png Last Kings
Argentina Khynm Gabriel Alonso Roussy 02 Jungle CDRlogo std.png Coliseo Dragons
Argentina Le Smart Facundo Canteros 03 Mid Logo std2.png Southern Penguins
Argentina Caffe Pablo Ancarola 04 AD Managerlogo std.png Manager
Argentina Tomex Tomás Alloatti 05 Support HAFlogo std.png Hafnet eSports
Argentina Hydra Luca Grieco 03 Mid FGlogo std.png Furious Gaming
Argentina Ankzu Guido Sergio Bosi 11 Sub FGlogo std.png Furious Gaming
Argentina TooHot Martin Galara 03 Mid ISplogo std.png Infernal Specters
Uruguay Nicomando Nicolás Beares 04 AD FONlogo std.png Force Of Nature
Argentina Yukisaki Agustín Juárez 05 Support FGlogo std.png Furious Gaming
Argentina TomsaKoch Tomás Koch 04 AD
Argentina DexteR Emilliano Cassano 01 Top XISlogo std.png XIS e-Sports Club
Argentina Wardz Jonathan Grispo 02 Jungle LKlogo std.png Last Kings
Uruguay Kara Danilo Caraballo 03 Mid XISlogo std.png XIS e-Sports Club



ID Name Position Next Team
Argentina Caffe Pablo Ancarola Manager

Team Achievements

In Minor, Monthly, and Weekly Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-04-16 A11st 2014 Ozone Masters League Summer 3 : 0 PEXlogo std.png PEX A$ 5,000
2014-03-23 A33 - 4th LAS Circuit of Legends 2014 March 2 : 0 Pineapplelogo std.png Pineapple Express $ 300

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