Riot Season 3 Turkish Championship

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Riot Season 3 Turkish Championship
League Information
Organizer: Riot Turkey
Sponsor: Avea
Server: Turkey
Event Type: Offline
Country Turkey Turkey
Format: Single Elimination, Bo3
Prize pool: 120,000 TRY
Start Date: 2013-07-20
End Date: 2013-07-27
Links: Website
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  • Two qualifiers and Six invites based on the Season 3 Turkish Circuit Standings[1]
  • Single Elimination Bracket
  • Finals is best of five, all others matches are best of three
  • Winner gets seed at the International Wildcard Tournament at gamescom

Prize Pool

120,000 TRY (Approximately $61,352 USD) is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize (TRY) Team
Gold.png 1st 40,000 YTL + TBA Dark PassageLogo std.png Dark Passage
Silver.png 2nd 20,000 YTL + TBA Team TurqualityLogo std.png Team Turquality BLUE
Bronze.png 3rd 10,000 YTL + TBA HWA GamingLogo std.png HWA Gaming


Dark Passage
Dark Passagelogo square.png
Turkey fabFabulous  
Turkey ReostA
Turkey Naru
Turkey HolyPhoenix
Turkey HolyThoth
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Team Turquality BLUE
Team Turqualitylogo square.png
Turkey LongQ  
Turkey Halpern
Turkey NasesUyno
Turkey Lethilion
Turkey Tyresse
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Team Turquality RED
Team Turquality REDlogo square.png
Turkey Thaldrin  
Turkey SeuL
Turkey Lethenor
Turkey Hexyl
Turkey H20
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HWA Gaming
HWA Gaminglogo square.png
Turkey Stomaged  
Turkey Crystal Meth
Turkey WrisTCutter
Turkey Rutsel
Turkey TrieLBaenRe
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Zone eSports
Default logo150.png
Turkey Realen  
Turkey KoBeYeYe
Turkey reecep
Turkey Mr.Nice
Turkey DemirÇi Osm
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HWA Gaming BaBs
HWA Gaming BaBslogo square.png
Turkey Icarus  
Turkey RinneganisOP
Turkey D Flows
Turkey Tolimos
Turkey maaaet
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GameSatislogo square.png
Turkey yxxS  
Turkey Theokoles
Turkey Amet
Turkey RobinHood
Turkey Mirage
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ANT Gaming
ANT Gaminglogo square.png
Turkey crueL  
Turkey PUCCIOwNz
Turkey Elysion
Turkey KillerEs
Turkey un1tback
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  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Dark PassageLogo std.png DP 2
  GMSlogo std.png GMS 1
  Dark PassageLogo std.png DP 2
  ANTlogo std.png ANT 0
  ZONElogo std.png ZONE 1
  ANTlogo std.png ANT 2
  Dark PassageLogo std.png DP 3
  Team TurqualityLogo std.png TT BLUE 0
  Team TurqualityLogo std.png TT BLUE 2
  Turquality REDlogo std.png TT RED 0 3rd place match
  Team TurqualityLogo std.png TT BLUE 2
  ANTlogo std.png ANT 1
  HWA GamingLogo std.png HWA 1
  HWA GamingLogo std.png HWA 2   HWA GamingLogo std.png HWA 2
  HWA GamingLogo std.png HWA BaBs 0

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  • Famous American television channel CNN's channel of broadcasting in Turkish language, CNN Turk broadcasted a summary of Riot Season 3 Turkish Championship.

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  1. Season 3 Turkish Circuit Standings