Riot Season 2 Brazilian Championship

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Riot Season 2 Brazilian Championship
League Information
Organizer: Riot Games
Event Type: Offline
Country Brazil Brazil
Prize pool: $ 50,000
Start Date: 2012-10-11
End Date: 2012-10-14
Links: Website
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The Riot Season 2 Brazilian Championship was the Brazilian event for the end of Season 2 held at the Brasil Game Show. Eight teams qualified to compete for $ 50,000 in a single elimination bracket.



Prize Pool

$ 50,000 USD (Approximately € 38,500 EUR, R$ 102,000 BRL) is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize (USD) ≈Prize (EUR) ≈Prize (BRL) Team
Gold.png 1st $ 25,000 € 19,250 R$ 51,000 Vtilogo std.png vTi Ignis
Silver.png 2nd $ 12,500 € 9,625 R$ 25,500 Vtilogo std.png vTi Nox
Bronze.png 3rd $ 7,500 € 5,775 R$ 15,300 Painlogo std.png paiN Gaming
Copper.png 4th $ 5,000 € 3,850 R$ 10,200 Insightlogo std.png Insight eSports

*Converted prizes calculated on October 11th, 2012 with a currency rate of 1 USD = 0.77 EUR = 2.04 BRL provided by


Eye - Show All.pngRosters

#1 from Qualifiers
paiN Gaming
Brazil Tittu
Brazil SirT
Brazil Kami
Brazil brTT
Brazil MiT
#3 from Qualifiers
vTi Ignis
Brazil Mylon
Brazil Rafes
Brazil Hao
Brazil manajj
Brazil Alocs
#5 from Qualifiers
vTi Nox
Brazil Leko
Brazil Volcan
Brazil Yetz
Brazil Loop
Brazil Gutso
#7 from Qualifiers
RMA e-Sports 2
Brazil Fox
Brazil DRAEK
Brazil Maou
Brazil rhyuga
Brazil Bechede
#9 from Qualifiers
VerdicT Gaming 3
Brazil giokarah
Brazil domY
Brazil Zyzz
Brazil hUezOrd
Brazil Calyel
1 CNB e-Sports Club acquires the roster of Get Over It.[1]
2 RMA e-Sports acquires the roster of Monomaniac Peritus.[2]
3 The 8th place from qualifiers, 5LoL Diretoria, is disqualified due to its players doing win trading in ranked matches. The 9th place team, VerdicT Gaming, is called as replacement.[3]


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Painlogo std.png paiN 2
  VerdictLogo std.png VdT 0
  Painlogo std.png paiN 0
  Vtilogo std.png vTi Nox 2
  CNB govTLogo std.png CNB 0
  Vtilogo std.png vTi Nox 2
  Vtilogo std.png vTi Nox 0
  Vtilogo std.png vTi Ignis 2
  Vtilogo std.png vTi Ignis 2
  Influxologo std.png Influxo 0 3rd place match
  Vtilogo std.png vTi Ignis 2
  Painlogo std.png paiN 2
  Insightlogo std.png Insight 1
  RMALogo std.png RMA 0   Insightlogo std.png Insight 1
  Insightlogo std.png Insight 2
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  1. CnB anuncia nova equipe de LoL (Portuguese)
  2. RMA apresenta sua equipe de LoL (Portuguese)
  3. Desqualificação de participantes da BGS (Portuguese)