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LCS Season 3 Moscow
League Information
Organizer: Riot Games
Server: Europe
Event Type: Offline
Country Russia Russia
Location: Pechatnyy salon MDM
prospekt Komsomolskiy (dubler) 28
119146 Moscow
Prize pool: $ 40,000
Start Date: 2013-06-21
End Date: 2013-06-23
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Regional CIS Championship

European LCS Matches

  • All eight European LCS Teams attend
  • Each team plays three matches over the weekend
  • One game per match

Prize Pool

Regional CIS Championship

$ 40,000 USD (Approximately € 29,904 EUR) are spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize (USD) Team
Gold.png 1st $ 20,000 GamingGearLogo std.png
Silver.png 2nd $ 10,000 Logo std2.png Instruments of Surrender
SF.png 3rd/4th $ 5,000 GTMlogo std.png Good Team Multigaming
Logo std2.png Only Gragas


Regional CIS Championship

Regional CIS Championship Qualifier Teams
GamingGearLogo std.png Logo std2.png Instruments of Surrender
GTMlogo std.png Good Team Multigaming Logo std2.png Only Gragas

European LCS

EU Summer Championship Series Teams
Eglogo std.png Evil Geniuses Sklogo std.png SK Gaming Mymlogo std.png MeetYourMakers NiPlogo std.png Ninjas in Pyjamas
GambitLogo std.png Gambit Gaming Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic Lemondogslogo std.png Lemondogs ATTaXlogo std.png ALTERNATE aTTaX


Regional CIS Championship

  Semifinals Finals
  Logo std2.png IoS 2
  Logo std2.png OG 1
  Logo std2.png IoS 0
  GamingGearLogo std.png GG.EU 2
  GamingGearLogo std.png GG.EU 2
  GTMlogo std.png GTM 0

European LCS Matches

Friday 21st
NiP NiPlogo std.png 0 1 Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
EG Eglogo std.png 0 1 Mymlogo std.png MYM
ATN ATTaXlogo std.png 0 1 GambitLogo std.png Gambit
Saturday 22nd
SK Sklogo std.png 0 1 Lemondogslogo std.png LD
Fnatic Fnaticlogo std.png 1 0 Eglogo std.png EG
LD Lemondogslogo std.png 0 1 NiPlogo std.png NiP
ATN ATTaXlogo std.png 1 0 Mymlogo std.png MYM
Gambit GambitLogo std.png 1 0 Sklogo std.png SK
Sunday 23rd
SK Sklogo std.png 1 0 NiPlogo std.png NiP
LD Lemondogslogo std.png 0 1 Eglogo std.png EG
ATN ATTaXlogo std.png 1 0 Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
MYM Mymlogo std.png 0 1 GambitLogo std.png Gambit

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June 23rd
Round Match Result Date PDT EDT CEST KST VoDs/Stream
CIS Grand Final
IoS Logo std2.png
vs. GamingGearLogo std.png GG.EU
[Show] 2013-06-23 03:00 06:00 12:00 19:00 No VoDs available.
SK Sklogo std.png
vs. NiPlogo std.png NiP
[Show] 2013-06-23 06:00 09:00 15:00 22:00 1
LD Lemondogslogo std.png
vs. Eglogo std.png EG
[Show] 2013-06-23 07:00 10:00 16:00 23:00 1
ATN ATTaXlogo std.png
vs. Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
[Show] 2013-06-23 08:00 11:00 17:00 00:00 1
MYM Mymlogo std.png
vs. GambitLogo std.png Gambit
[Show] 2013-06-23 09:00 12:00 18:00 01:00 1

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