OnGameNet LoL Invitational

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OnGameNet LoL Invitational
League Information
Organizer: OGN
Server: South Korea
Event Type: Offline
Country South Korea South Korea
Start Date: 2012-01-13
End Date: 2012-01-20
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The OnGameNet LoL Invitational is the first major Korean tournament to be aired on television.


  • All matches were Best of Three with the third game being Blind Pick
  • Four Korean teams played in a National Invitational
  • Top Two teams from the National Invitational advanced to Global Invitiational
  • Two foreign teams were seeded into the Global Invitational
  • Global Invitational started as Round Robin between the four teams, top two teams play in the finals

Prize Pool

Place Prize (KRW) ≈ USD Team
Champion ₩ 5,000,000 $ 4,300 South Korea MiG Frost
Runner-Up ₩ ? $ ? North America Counter Logic Gaming
3rd and 4th ₩ ? $ ? China Team WE
South Korea Extreme Dive Gaming
5th and 6th ₩ ? $ ? South Korea StarTale
South Korea Team OP


North America (1) Korea (4)
North America Counter Logic Gaming South Korea Extreme Dive Gaming
China (1) South Korea MiG Frost
China Team WE South Korea StarTale
South Korea Team OP


National Invitational

  Semifinals Finals
 South Korea Extreme Dive Gaming 2
 South Korea Team OP 1
 South Korea Extreme Dive Gaming Q
 South Korea MiG Frost Q
 South Korea StarTale 0
 South Korea MiG Frost 2

Global Invitational

Group Stage
1. South Korea MiG Frost 2-1
2. North America Counter Logic Gaming 2-1
3. China Team WE 1-2
4. South Korea Extreme Dive Gaming 1-2
Group A Matches
MiG Frost South Korea 1 0 South Korea Extreme Dive Gaming
MiG Frost South Korea 0 1 China Team WE
Extreme Dive Gaming South Korea 1 0 China Team WE
CLG North America 1 0 China Team WE
CLG North America 1 0 South Korea Extreme Dive Gaming
MiG Frost South Korea 1 0 North America CLG

  Grand Finals
 North America  CLG 0
 South Korea  MiG Frost 2

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