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NRG Esports
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Team Information
Location: North America North America
Sponsor(s): Biosteel
Logitech G
Gamer Sensei
Created: 2015-11-16
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Current Roster
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NRG Esports is a North American team. They were previously known as NRG eSports.


2016 Preseason

NRG eSports was announced on November 16th, 2015. They formed when two co-owners of NBA team Sacramento Kings purchased Team Coast's NA LCS slot for the 2016 Spring Season. Their initial line-up included top laner Impact from Team Impulse, jungler Moon from Imagine, mid laner GBM from Jin Air, and support KonKwon, the only player to move over from Coast. Former Origen head coach Hermit and Cloud9 coach Charlie formed the team's coaching staff.[1] Altec officially joined the team's roster later on in the day.[2]

2016 Season

NRG started the LCS strong, tied for either first or second place through the first four weeks, but after the fifth week they fell down to fifth place and remained there for the rest of the season. They were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. In the midseason break, NRG traded out nearly their entire roster, keeping only GBM and adding Quas, Santorin, ohq and KiWiKiD. The community's reception to these changes were mixed; while ohq was seen as a solid pickup, Quas had just come off of a split away from competition, and KiWiKiD was seen as one of the weaker supports in the league. Ultimately, the changes did not work out, and NRG were consistently in eighth place week after week in the summer split until they fell to ninth in week 9. In the promotion tournament, they lost first to Cloud9 Challenger and then to Echo Fox in back-to-back 3-0 sweeps and were relegated to the NACS. Soon after relegation, multiple players announced their free agency, and it was reported that NRG were closing down their team.[3] It was confirmed the next day that the team had let all of their players go to pursue other options, but they were still "working on a plan" to stay in League of Legends.[4][5]


  • 2016
  • 2015

Player Roster

Formerly On Loan

ID Name Role Loaned From Duration
Current Official Residency Canada LOD Benjamin deMunck 04 AD Emberlogo std.png Ember 2016 NA LCS Spring Season - Week 7


C ID Name Role Next Team
Venezuela Quas Diego Ruiz 01 Top Tempologo std.png Tempo Storm
South Korea Ohq Oh Gyu-min (오규민) 04 AD Snakelogo std.png Snake Esports
USA mancloud Zachary Hoschar 08 Sub/Mid
USA otter Brian Thomas 09 Sub/AD
South Korea GBM Lee Chang-seok (이창석) 03 Mid VITlogo std.png Team Vitality
USA KiWiKiD Alan Nguyen 05 Support
Denmark Santorin Lucas Tao Kilmer Larsen 02 Jungle GCUlogo std.png Gold Coin United
USA Qwerm Alec Warren 10 Sub/Support P1logo std.png Phoenix1
South Korea Impact Jung Eon-yeong (정언영) 01 Top C9logo std.png Cloud9
USA Moon Galen Holgate 02 Jungle Liquid Alogo std.png Team Liquid Academy
South Korea KonKwon Kevin Kwon (권구혁) 05 Support Apexlogo std 2.png Apex Gaming
Canada Altec Johnny Ru 04 AD C9logo std.png Cloud9 Challenger
Mexico Cris Cristian Rosales 06 Sub/Top Apexlogo std 2.png Apex Gaming
USA Xpecial Alex Chu (朱啓恩) 10 Sub/Support Apexlogo std 2.png Apex Gaming
South Korea Shrimp Lee Byeong-hoon (이병훈) 07 Sub/Jungle Apexlogo std 2.png Apex Gaming

Player LCS Participation

Player 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 EU NA Total
Spring Summer Spring Summer Spring Summer Spring Summer Spring Summer
# Team # Team # Team # Team # Team # Team # Team # Team # Team # Team
Altec 27 Eglogo std.png 18 WFXlogo std.png 18 GVlogo std.png 16 NRGlogo std.png 43 FLYlogo std.png 0 122 122

Cris 23 Velocity eSportsLogo std.png 18 CSTlogo std.png 1 NRGlogo std.png 0 42 42

GBM 18 NRGlogo std.png 43 NRGlogo std.png 3 VITlogo std.png 3 61 64

Impact 16 TiPlogo std.png 18 TiPlogo std.png 17 NRGlogo std.png 44 C9logo std.png 34 C9logo std.png 2 C9logo std.png 0 131 131

KonKwon 4 CSTlogo std.png 18 NRGlogo std.png 0 22 22

Moon 17 NRGlogo std.png 3 Liquidlogo std.png 43 FLYlogo std.png 9 FLYlogo std.png 0 72 72

Shrimp 1 NRGlogo std.png 46 Apexlogo std 2.png 5 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 52 52

42 NVlogo std.png 44 Dignitaslogo std.png 11 Dignitaslogo std.png 0 102 102
KiWiKiD 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 28 Dignitaslogo std.png 18 Dignitaslogo std.png 18 Dignitaslogo std.png 18 Dignitaslogo std.png 43 NRGlogo std.png 0 209 209

Quas 28 Crslogo std.png 28 Crslogo std.png 18 Liquidlogo std.png 18 Liquidlogo std.png 43 NRGlogo std.png 0 135 135

Ohq 1 RENlogo std.png 43 NRGlogo std.png 0 44 44

Santorin 18 Tsmlogo std.png 18 Tsmlogo std.png 43 NRGlogo std.png 0 79 79

For a full chart listing all LCS players, click here.
Only regular season games are listed. Last update: after LCS Summer 2017 - Week 2



C ID Name Position
USA Mark Mastrov Co-Owner
USA Andy Miller Co-Owner
USA Atlas Gerard Kelly Co-Owner
USA moconinja Justin Siegel Co-Owner
USA Ringo Andrew Pruett CEO


C ID Name Position Next Team
South Korea KoreanEdelweiss Barry Lee (이권문) Team Manager
USA Hermit Tadayoshi Littleton 11 Head Coach EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited
USA Hermes David Tu Coach IMTlogo std.png Immortals
USA Archon Joseph Aguirre Analyst
USA History Teacher Chad Smeltz 11 General Manager P1logo std.png Phoenix1
USA Qwerm Alec Warren 11 Analyst P1logo std.png Phoenix1
Kuwait Empyre Naser Al-Naqi Head Analyst DTlogo std.png Dream Team
Angela Head of Social Media/Content
Aria Personnel Manager/Chef
USA Shark Charlene Hamm Assistant General Manager Apexlogo std 2.png Apex Gaming
China Charlie Charlie Lipsie Head Coach C9logo std.png Cloud9

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-08-07 LCS logo 25x25.png I1ZNQ 2017 NA LCS Spring Promotion 0 : 3 EFXlogo std.png Echo Fox
2016-07-31 LCS logo 25x25.png A99th 2016 NA LCS Summer Round Robin 4 : 14 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2016-04-03 LCS logo 25x25.png A55 - 6th 2016 NA LCS Spring Playoffs 0 : 3 Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid
2016-03-20 LCS logo 25x25.png A55th 2016 NA LCS Spring Round Robin 9 : 9 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)

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  • 2016
  • 2015

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