Movistar Riders

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Movistar Riders
Movistar Riderslogo square.png
Team Information
Location: Spain Spain
Coaches: Mario "Motroco" Martínez
Alejandro "Jandro" Fernández-Valdés
Managers: Luis "reSeTT" Filgueira
Sponsor(s): Movistar
Created: 2017-01-10 Organization
2017-01-13 LoL Division
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Movistar Riders is a Spanish eSports organization founded in January 2017.


Movistar Riders is a Spanish eSports organization founded in January 2017 by the mobile carrier company Movistar, and has teams in Call of Duty, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch and Hearthstone.[1]


  • 2017

Player Roster


R C ID Name Role
Current Official Residency Sweden Xyraz Gustav Blomkvist 01 Top
Current Official Residency Poland Cinkrof Jakub Rokicki 02 Jungle
Current Official Residency Spain Carbono Alejandro González 02 Jungle
Current Official Residency Norway Hatrixx Jørgen Elgåen 03 Mid
Current Official Residency Poland Roison Michał Dubiel 03 Mid
Current Official Residency Portugal Lastwolf André Costa 04 AD
Current Official Residency Sweden Treatz Erik Wessén 05 Support
Current Official Residency Romania Oh my Cris Florin Suleapa 09 Sub/AD
Current Official Residency Spain xDreamZzz Alberto Tenorio 10 Sub/Support

Loaned Out

ID Name Role Loaned To Duration
Current Official Residency Spain Mykilu Juan Antonio Escobar 01 Top X6tencelogo std.png x6tence LVP Segunda División Season 13
Current Official Residency Spain Hero Miguel Fernández 01 Top Hereticslogo std.png Team Heretics LVP Segunda División Season 13


C ID Name Role Next Team
Germany Obsess Patrick Engelmann 07 Sub/Jungle
Spain Ivanetix Iván Mongelluzzo 09 Sub/AD
Spain Itsi Ignacio García 02 Jungle Basklogo std.png ThunderX3 Baskonia
Poland bucu Marcin Świech 08 Sub/Mid
Poland Mystiques Patryk Piórkowski 05 Support Milllogo std.png Millenium



C ID Name Position
Spain Piquer Fernando Piquer Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Spain LRojo Lucas Rojo eSports Director
Spain Spirit Jorge Sainz General Manager
Spain Deilor Luis Sevilla Director of Performance
Spain reSeTT Luis Filgueira Team Manager
Spain Motroco Mario Martínez 11 Head Coach
Spain Jandro Alejandro Fernández-Valdés Second Coach
Spain Pyros Javier Quejigo Head Analyst


C ID Name Position Next Team
Spain Headhunters Jon Ruiz Urquidi Assistant Coach NB.logo std.png NeverBack Gaming

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External Links


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