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Molotovs and Marshmallows
MnM Logo.png
Team Information
Location: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Coaches: Will Burgess
Managers: Kalvin KalKal" Chung
Sponsor(s): SK Sports
Gamers Apparel
Created: 2014-01-01
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Current Roster
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Molotovs and Marshmallows (MnM) is a UK based eSports Organisation, founded by brothers Kalvin "KalKal" Chung and Daniel "Javelin" Chung in late 2013. The organisation officially launched on Jan 1st 2014 with the hopes of supporting players across all PC platforms.



  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
  • January 1st, the organisation officially launches and picks up a League of Legends team for the upcoming epic.TWELVE.
  • February 12th, the first offline for the organisation for League of Legends at epic.TWELVE with a finish of 5-8th and the team disbands shortly after
  • June 5th, KalKal and Javelin begin planning the launch of the organisation.

Player Roster


R C ID Name Role
Current Official Residency Lithuania Hadow Mantas Sukevičius 05 Support


C ID Name Role Next Team
Sweden Luddehz Ludde Johansson 04 AD
United Kingdom Rifty Ashley Mayes 01 Top
Sweden Larssen Emil Larsson 03 Mid WARlogo std.png Wind and Rain
Netherlands Kadir Kadircan Mumcuoğlu 02 Jungle S04logo std.png FC Schalke 04
United Kingdom Candyfloss Alex Cartwright 02 Jungle Dark PassageLogo std.png Dark Passage
United Kingdom Phurion Luke Brammer 02 Jungle EMKlogo std.png eMonkeyz
United Kingdom Charlietea Charlie Tran 03 Mid
United Kingdom Deádly Matthew Smith 04 AD EMKlogo std.png eMonkeyz
United Kingdom Only Angel Derek Lee 01 Top
Sweden XDSMILEY Ludvig Granquist 04 AD Basklogo std.png ThunderX3 Baskonia
Croatia Lukezy Luka Trumbić 03 Mid ExceLlogo std.png exceL eSports
United Kingdom Gashandslash Brandon Marson 01 Top NUEL Tlogo std.png Teaser
Slovenia tohaj Kevin Batič 02 Jungle
United Kingdom HalfPastThor Callum Headley 03 Mid
United Kingdom SmokeyLemon Tom Griffiths 04 AD
United Kingdom Prosfair Tom Willis 05 Support PGlogo std.png Perilous Gaming Void
United Kingdom Artorias Sam Willis 06 Sub/Top PGlogo std.png Perilous Gaming Void
United Kingdom Trilipe Joe Phillip 07 Sub/Jungle LRlogo std.png Last Remedy
United Kingdom Nocturnal Plex Reece Hall 02 Jungle Exertuslogo std.png Exertus Esports
United Kingdom Flash Harry McKeone 01 Top
United Kingdom Vedius Andrew Day 03 Mid ExceLlogo std.png exceL eSports
United Kingdom Noodlez Steven Zhang 04 AD
United Kingdom Giga Iain Brennand 02 Jungle
United Kingdom Rayganz Steve Rowbottom 05 Support



C ID Name Position
United Kingdom KalKal Kalvin Chung Founder
Hong Kong Javelin Daniel Chung Co-Founder
United Kingdom FrozenDawn Will Burgess Head Coach


C ID Name Position Next Team
United Kingdom RobJWA Rob Allen Assistant Head Coach Iguanalogo std.png Iguana eSports
United Kingdom Jordan Walsh Head Coach

Team Achievements

In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-05-27 I1ZNQ 2017 EUCS Summer Qualifier 1 : 4 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2017-03-19 A11st 2017 ESL Premiership Spring Playoffs 3 : 0 XENEXlogo std.png Team XENEX £ 2,500
2017-03-01 A22nd 2017 ESL Premiership Spring Season 4-2-1 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L) £ 1,050
2016-12-11 A22nd Insomnia59 Winter 2016 2 : 3 Magistralogo std.png Magistra £ 750
2016-11-29 A22nd 2016 UK Masters Season 2 Playoffs 0 : 3 Distriktlogo std.png Distrikt £ 4,000
2016-11-22 A22nd 2016 UK Masters Season 2 5-1-1 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L) £ 1,100
2016-10-29 A11st 2016 ESL UK Premiership Summer Playoffs 2 : 1 EBlogo std.png Epiphany Bolt £ 2,500
2016-08-29 A11st Insomnia58 Summer 2016 3 : 1 TCAlogo std.png TCA eSports £ 4000
2016-08-24 I1Q 2016 ESL UK Premiership Summer Qualifiers 1 : 0 Chokelogo std.png Choke Gaming
2016-03-30 A66th 2016 ESL UK Premiership Spring Season 2 : 5 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L) £ 357
2016-03-26 A77 - 8th Insomnia57 Spring 2016 1 : 2 TCAlogo std.png TCA eSports £ 150
2016-02-14 I1Q 2016 ESL UK Premiership Spring Promotions 1 : 0 GLBlogo std.png GLB Blue
2015-12-13 A33rd Insomnia56 Winter 2015 0 : 2 Chokelogo std.png Choke Gaming £ 600
2015-08-29 A55 - 8th Insomnia55 Summer 2015 0 : 1 Team InfusedLogo std.png Team Infused £ 150
In Minor, Monthly, and Weekly Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-02-22 A33rd epic.FOURTEEN 1 : 2 Team InfusedLogo std.png Team Infused
2014-02-16 A77 - 8th epic.TWELVE 0 : 1 Logo std2.png The Last Resort

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