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Team has Disbanded.
Midnight Sun Esports
Midnight Sun Esportslogo square.png
Team Information
Location: Taiwan Taiwan
Coaches: Alex "Lilballz" Sung
Analysts: Chiu "NeXAbc" Po-Chieh
Created: Organization 2014-11-01
LoL Division 2015-01-03
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Current Roster
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Midnight Sun Esports is a professional eSports organization based in Taipei,Taiwan. The team is coached by the former Season 2 World Champion, Alex Lilballz Sung. They acquired No Game No Life in January 2015 and qualified for the inaugural season of the League of Legends Master Series (LMS).


Formation of Midnight Sun Esports

Midnight Sun eSports was founded in January 2015 by Ethan Liu with the intention to compete in the inaugural season of the Taiwan League of Legends Masters Series (LMS). MSE announced that they would be looking to acquire and support an amateur League of Legends team in the Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau Region to join the 2015 LMS Spring Season. To assist the organization in this process, Ethan invited S2 World Champion Lilballz to scout and be the coach of this future team. Prior to and during the qualifier, Ethan offered the coaching services of Lilballz to all amateur teams, free of charge, to help them prepare for their upcoming matches.

At the conclusion of the qualifier, three amateur teams came out on top: DarlingYou, TeamHopeLess and No Game No Life. After a few days of deliberation, MSE announced that they decided to acquire the starting roster of No Game No Life, the most famous amateur team in Hong Kong, to become the 6th professional team in 2015 LMS Spring Season.


  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • November 1st, Oracle Esports Entertainment announce their formation.[13]
  • November 22nd, team renames to Midnight Sun Esports.[14]

Player Roster



C ID Name Role Next Team
Taiwan CorGi Cheng Pin-Lun (程品倫) 04 AD Wayispiderlogo std.png Wayi Spider
Taiwan Payne Tai Hao-Chuan (戴浩全) 04 AD
Hong Kong Kaiwing Ling Kai Wing (凌啟榮) 05 Support HKAlogo std.png Hong Kong Attitude
Hong Kong SkuLL Ng Kwok Man (吳國玟) 05 Support FBLlogo std.png Fireball
Taiwan Ninuo Huang Jin-Long (黃金隆) 01 Top HKESlogo std.png Hong Kong Esports
Taiwan Wulala Liu Sheng-Wei (柳勝瑋) 02 Jungle HKESlogo std.png Hong Kong Esports
Taiwan M1ssion Chen Hsiao-Hsien (陳孝銜) 03 Mid HKESlogo std.png Hong Kong Esports
Taiwan Julian Fei Chuan-Yuan (費雋元) 01 Top WORlogo std.png WingsOflibeRty
South Korea Stitch Lee Seung-ju (이승주) 04 AD Samsunglogo std.png Samsung Galaxy
Hong Kong LOFS Lam Ka Chun (林嘉俊) 01 Top NGLlogo std.png No Game No Life
Canada Empt2 Anson Leung (梁子皞) 02 Jungle NGLlogo std.png No Game No Life
Hong Kong Chunx Tang Hoi Chun (鄧海駿) 05 Support NGLlogo std.png No Game No Life
South Korea caNdy Kim Seung-ju (김승주) 03 Mid CJElogo std.png CJ Entus
Taiwan Orange Wang Yu-Jeng (王郁礽) 08 Sub/Mid Managerlogo std.png Manager
Hong Kong Wish Michael Lau (劉嘉豪) 03 Mid NGLlogo std.png No Game No Life
Hong Kong Tour Wong Chun Wai (王駿威) 09 Sub/AD APTlogo std.png Alpha Team



ID Name Position
Taiwan Lilballz Alex Sung (宋寬柏) 11 Coach
Taiwan Orange Wang "Eva" Yu-Jeng (王郁礽) 11 Public Relations Manager
Taiwan Mumu Tseng Mu-En (曾沐恩) Business Director
Taiwan Fufu Fu "Justin" Jo-Ting (傅若庭) Operations Manager


ID Name Role New Team
Taiwan Ethan Ethan Liu (劉奕廷) Owner/CEO M17logo std.png Machi E-Sports
Hong Kong Tour Wong Chun Wai (王駿威) 11 Analyst APTlogo std.png Alpha Team
Taiwan NeXAbc Chiu Po-Chieh (邱柏傑) 11 Analyst AHQLogo std.png ahq e-Sports Club

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-08-07 LMS 2016 logo.png A55th 2016 LMS Summer Season 2-5-7 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L) NT$ 80,000
2015-03-27 LMS 2016 logo.png A66th 2016 LMS Spring Season 2-5-7 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L) NT$ 80,000
2015-08-15 RpPoints.png A33 - 4th 2015 Season Taiwan Regional Finals 0 : 3 Yoe.FWlogo std.png Flash Wolves
2015-07-24 LMS 2016 logo.png A44th 2015 LMS Summer Playoffs 1 : 3 HKESlogo std.png Hong Kong Esports NT$ 300,000
2015-07-12 LMS 2016 logo.png A44th 2015 LMS Summer Season 3-7-4 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2015-05-02 LMS 2016 logo.png I1Q 2015 LMS Summer Promotion 3 : 0 Logo std2.png Donate Me Please
2015-03-22 LMS 2016 logo.png A66th 2015 LMS Spring Season 6 : 15 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L) NT$ 200,000
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-01-08 A55 - 8th HKESC Winter Playoffs 0 : 2 Yoe.FWlogo std.png yoe Flash Wolves

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