League Championship Series/Europe/2017 Season/Summer Playoffs/Team Rosters

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Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic

ID Name Role
France sOAZ  Paul Boyer  Top
Denmark Broxah  Mads-Brock Pedersen  Jungle
Denmark Caps  Rasmus Winther  Mid
Sweden Rekkles  Martin Larsson  AD
Denmark Jesiz  Jesse Le  Support
United Kingdom Quaye  Finlay Stewart  Coach
Canada Dylan Falco  Dylan Falco  Coach

G2logo std.png G2 Esports

ID Name Role Splycelogo std.png 
Spain Send0o  Rosendo Fuentes  Top
South Korea Expect  Ki Dae-han (기대한)  Top
France loulex  Jean-Victor Burgevin  Jungle
South Korea Trick  Kim Gang-yun (김강윤)  Jungle
South Korea Blanc  Jin Seong-min (진성민)  Mid
Croatia PerkZ  Luka Perković  Mid
Denmark Zven  Jesper Svenningsen  AD
Spain mithy  Alfonso Aguirre Rodríguez  Support
Netherlands YoungBuck  Joey Steltenpool  Coach

H2klogo std.png H2k-Gaming

ID Name Role
Romania Odoamne  Andrei Pascu  Top
Poland Jankos  Marcin Jankowski  Jungle
Netherlands Febiven  Fabian Diepstraten  Mid
South Korea Nuclear  Sin Jeong-hyeon (신정현)  AD
South Korea Chei  Choi Sun-ho (최선호)  Support
USA pr0lly  Neil Hammad  Coach

MSFlogo std.png Misfits

ID Name Role UOLlogo std.png 
United Kingdom Alphari  Barney Morris  Top GreenCheck.png
United Kingdom Maxlore  Nubar Sarafian  Jungle GreenCheck.png
Germany PowerOfEvil  Tristan Schrage  Mid GreenCheck.png
France Hans Sama  Steven Liv  AD GreenCheck.png
South Korea IgNar  Lee Dong-geun (이동근)  Support GreenCheck.png
United Arab Emirates Daku  Hussain Moosvi  Coach GreenCheck.png

Splycelogo std.png Splyce

ID Name Role G2logo std.png 
Denmark Wunder  Martin Hansen  Top
Denmark Trashy  Jonas Andersen  Jungle
Denmark Sencux  Chres Laursen  Mid
Denmark Kobbe  Kasper Kobberup  AD
Slovenia Mikyx  Mihael Mehle  Support
Netherlands Gevous  Fayan Pertijs  Coach

UOLlogo std.png Unicorns Of Love

ID Name Role MSFlogo std.png 
Hungary Vizicsacsi  Kiss Tamás  Top GreenCheck.png
Romania Xerxe  Andrei Dragomir  Jungle GreenCheck.png
Germany Exileh  Fabian Schubert  Mid GreenCheck.png
Spain Samux  Samuel Fernández  AD GreenCheck.png
Bulgaria Hylissang  Zdravets Galabov  Support GreenCheck.png
Germany Sheepy  Fabian Mallant  Coach GreenCheck.png