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2016 LSPL Spring Playoffs
LSPL no Background.png
League Information
Organizer: Tencent Games
Event Type: Offline
Country China China
Start Date: 2016-04-10
End Date: 2016-04-12
Links: Website
Winner: EDElogo std.png EDward Esports
Second: YMlogo std.png Young Miracles
Third: MFGlogo std.png MF Gaming
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Prize Pool

¥ 600,000 CNY (Approximately $ 91,100 USD, € 83,600 EUR) is spread among the top 3 teams as seen below

Place Prize (CNY) ≈Prize (USD) ≈Prize (EUR) Team
Gold.png 1st ¥ 300,000 $ 45,600 € 41,800 EDElogo std.png EDward Esports
Silver.png 2nd ¥ 200,000 $ 30,400 € 27,900 YMlogo std.png Young Miracles
Bronze.png 3rd ¥ 100,000 $ 15,200 € 14,000 MFGlogo std.png MF Gaming
Converted prizes calculated on February 2nd, 2016 with a currency rate of 1 CNY = 0.151 USD = 0.139 EUR provided by


Eye - Show All.pngRosters

See here for match-by-match roster breakdowns.
2144 Gaming
South Korea Sky
South Korea Nova
China q1
China Melantha
South Korea Expect
China Maple
China Muyi
MF Gaming
China Zoom
South Korea ARK
South Korea Elinke
South Korea Carry
China Mushroom
China Xintai
South Korea Ori
Young Miracles
China Strong
South Korea Clowz
South Korea Marilyn
China Viper
China Xubins
China Ning
China Sai
China Ming


  Round 1 Round 2 Finals
  EDElogo std.png EDE 3
  YMlogo std.png YM 2
  YMlogo std.png YM 3
  MFGlogo std.png MFG 2
  MFGlogo std.png MFG 3
  2144logo std.png 2144 0

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Schedule & VODs

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Game Schedule
Round Match Result Date YOU PDT CEST TST Countdown VoDs/Stream Discussion
Round 1
MFG MFGlogo std.png
vs. 2144logo std.png 2144
[Show] 2016,4,10,09,00 2016,4,10,09,00 02:00 11:00 17:00 12345 -
Round 2
YM YMlogo std.png
vs. MFGlogo std.png MFG
[Show] 2016,4,11,09,00 2016,4,11,09,00 02:00 11:00 17:00 12345 -
EDE EDElogo std.png
vs. YMlogo std.png YM
[Show] 2016,4,12,09,00 2016,4,12,09,00 02:00 11:00 17:00 12345 -

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