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KIYF eSports Club
KIYF eSports Clublogo square.png
Team Information
Location: Spain Spain
Coaches: Pau "Pochipoom" Prada
Alberto "ScrappyDoo" Yañez
Analysts: Samuel "Arrowhead" Moreno
Jonay "Kaizer" Suárez
Managers: Alberto "tRRini" Royo
Sponsor(s): Logitech G
Seven Mila
Affiliated Teams (Former): KIYF Padawans
Created: 2012
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KIYF eSports Club, better known as KIYF, is a Professional e-Sports Club founded in Mid-2012. They were formerly known as KIYF Logitech.


KIYF eSports Club was created in mid-2012 by Aitor Álvarez with the aim of finding a place among the most important clubs of Spain.

After 4 years is already one of the leaders, the only Multisquad club on the national scene has teams of 1st level in the main disciplines of eSports, and now the usual our presence in all the events and final stages of all tournaments played in Spain since 2012.


  • 2017
  • 2016
  • January 8th, Starky retires but remains on the team as a sub.[1]
  • January 11th, Carbono, Special, and Toaster join.[2] TynX and Abaria move to sub.[3]
  • January 23rd, team returns to its original name KIYF eSports Club.
  • March 31st, TynX leaves.[4]
  • April 18th, Special and Toaster leave. Both players are suspended from playing in LVP-affiliated tournaments for 6 months.[5]

Player Roster


R C ID Name Role
Current Official Residency Spain Nandisk0 Fernando Peñalba 01 Top
Current Official Residency Spain Carbono Alejandro González Julián 02 Jungle
Current Official Residency Spain Homi Adrián Moldes 05 Support
Current Official Residency Poland Abaria Bogusław Dobryniewski 08 Sub/Mid
Current Official Residency Spain iver Jimmy Martí 09 Sub/AD
Current Official Residency Spain Starky Juan Carlos Cano 09 Sub/AD


C ID Name Role Next Team
Netherlands Special Joran Scheffer 03 Mid
Lithuania Toaster Augustas Ruplys 04 AD
Denmark TynX Kristian Østergaard 02 Jungle Giantslogo std.png Giants Only The Brave
Norway Hatrixx Jørgen Elgåen 03 Mid Tempologo std.png Tempo Storm
Spain Yugami Daniel Cama 01 Top ASUSlogo std.png ASUS ROG Army
Spain Arborg Sergio Navarro 02 Jungle PainGlogo std.png PainGaming
Spain CheL Rúben Rodríguez 05 Support PainGlogo std.png PainGaming
Ukraine xTyLk Jordi Buvalets 03 Mid G2Vlogo std.png G2 Vodafone
Spain StevenDX Jesús Esteban 02 Jungle PainGlogo std.png PainGaming
Spain Chochosky Guillermo Gombao 03 Mid EMKlogo std.png eMonkeyz



C ID Name Position
Spain Navarro Eduard Fornies Sports Director
Spain tRRini Alberto Royo Team Manager
Spain PochiPoom Pau Prada Head Coach
Spain ScrappyDoo Alberto Yañez Coach
Spain Arrowhead Samuel Moreno Head Analyst
Spain Kaizer Jonay Suárez Analyst/Scouter
Spain F1RE Josemaría Iznardo Analyst
Spain Makinlivin Álvaro Marín Analyst


C ID Name Position Next Team
Spain Jairo Jairo Fariña Analyst PainGlogo std.png PainGaming

Team Achievements

In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-12-18 A55 - 8th LVP Season 11 Final Cup 1 : 2 G2Vlogo std.png G2 Vodafone € 500
2016-11-29 A22nd LVP Season 11 Regular Season 10-5-3 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L) € 1,875
2016-10-31 A22nd 2016 ESL Masters SpainMadrid 0 : 2 Basklogo std.png ThunderX3 Baskonia € 2,000
2016-06-26 A55 - 8th LVP Season 10 Final Cup 0 : 2 ASUSlogo std.png ASUS ROG Army € 500
2016-06-11 A77th LVP Season 10 Regular Season 1-7-6 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L) € 375
2016-02-20 A77 - 8th 2016 ESL Masters Spain - Barcelona 0 : 1 EMKlogo std.png eMonkeyz
2015-12-06 A33 - 4th LVP Season 9 Final Cup 0 : 2 Giantslogo std.png Giants Underdoges € 1,000
2015-12-06 B212th LVP Season 6 1 : 10 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2013-07-21 A77 - 8th DreamHack Valencia 2013 0 : 3 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-11-11 A55 - 6th LVP Season 9 Sprint 2 0 : 2 Celeriuslogo std.png Celerius e-Sports € 300
2015-10-06 A55 - 6th LVP Season 9 Sprint 1 0 : 2 Overlogo std.png OverGaming € 300

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