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Infamous Gaming
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Team Information
Location: Peru Peru
Coaches: Aarón "Babeta" Collados
Analysts: Stephanos "Arty" Kourniatis
Sponsor(s): ONseat PERU
Sennheiser Gaming
Created: Organization 2015-12-17
LoL Division 2016-02-24
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Current Roster
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Infamous Gaming is a Latin American League of Legends team.



  • 2016

Player Roster


R C ID Name Role Contract Ends
Current Official Residency Portugal Relic José Pombo 01 Top 2017-11-20
Current Official Residency Peru Kenny Bruno Córdova 02 Jungle 2017-11-20
Current Official Residency Peru Cotton André Alarcón 03 Mid 2017-11-20
Current Official Residency Peru 2020 Kevin Santos 04 AD 2017-11-20
Current Official Residency Venezuela Sony Nicolás Jiménez 05 Support 2017-11-20
Current Official Residency Peru ZeroZeroYon Jorge Bravo 06 Sub/Top 2017-11-20


ID Name Position Next Team
Peru Deaciepoo Julio Salas 11 Sub
Peru Pancake Omar Montalvo 05 Support SClogo std.png Silver Crows
Peru Sigma Patricio Parodi 11 Sub
Peru Pendulum 08 Sub/Mid
Peru Snoopy Renato Chávez 04 AD
Peru Khael 03 Mid
Peru Herz Icesar 02 Jungle
Peru Gohan Josué Casani 01 Top



ID Name Position
Peru Jo. Joe Casani Co-Founder
Peru Xtian Christian Roque Co-Founder
Spain Babeta Aarón Collados 11 Head Coach
Peru Arty Stephanos Kourniatis Analyst

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-09-20 Latin Cup logo small.png I1Q 2017 LAN Opening Cup Expansion 3 : 1 Satorilogo std.png Satori
2016-08-09 Latin Cup logo small.png I1ZNQ 2017 LAN Opening Cup Promotion 0 : 3 INF CRlogo std.png Infinity eSports CR

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Additional Content

  • 2016

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