Circuit of Legends 2014 June

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Circuit of Legends 2014 June
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League Information
Organizer: Riot LAN
Riot LAS
Server: LAN/LAS
Event Type: Online/Weekly
Format: Weekly Cups +
Monthly Finals
Prize pool: $3,000 each region
Start Date: 2014-06-07
End Date: 2014-06-30
Links: Website
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The Circuit of Legends (Spanish:Circuito de Leyendas) is a series of weekly and monthly cups. Every week there is a Cup held on Saturday with the winner advance to the finals. At the end of each month, the top four teams qualify for a Monthly Finals. The Latin America North and Latin America South servers each have their own individual Weekly Cups and Monthly Finals.



  • Weekly winner advances to the Monthly Finals
  • Each Finals is a Single Elimination Bracket with each round being Best of Three.
  • In this month, the winner of each region will qualify for the Riot Latin America Cup 2014 - Argentina

Prize Pool

Place Prize Team
Gold.png1st $ 1,400 Teslalogo std.png Tesla Gaming PEXlogo std.png PEX
Silver.png 2nd $ 1,000 ANGlogo std.png Team ANG FGlogo std.png Furious Gaming
SF.png3rd/4th $ 300 QzLlogo std.png Team Quetzal ISplogo std.png Infernal Specters
Logo std2.png Team Maverick KLGlogo std.png Kaos Latin Gamers

Latin America North

Weekly Cups

Date Cup #
2014-06-07 #1 Teslalogo std.png Tesla Gaming ANGlogo std.png Team ANG
2014-06-14 #2 Logo std2.png Team Maverick Logo std2.png Not a Lie
2014-06-21 #3 ANGlogo std.png Team ANG Logo std2.png Imba Force
2014-06-28 #4 QzLlogo std.png Team Quetzal Rejectedlogo std.png Rejected

Monthly Finals Bracket

  Semifinals Finals
  Teslalogo std.png Tesla 2
  QzLlogo std.png QzL 0
  Teslalogo std.png Tesla 2
  ANGlogo std.png ANG 0
  Logo std2.png Team Maverick 0
  ANGlogo std.png ANG 2

Latin America South

Weekly Cups

Date Cup #
2014-06-07 #1 ISplogo std.png Infernal Specters TLClogo std.png Team LoL Cave
2014-06-14 #2 PEXlogo std.png PEX Logo std2.png Wild Kots
2014-06-21 #3 KLGlogo std.png Kaos Latin Gamers Logo std2.png Givital
2014-06-28 #4 FGlogo std.png Furious Gaming XISlogo std.png XIS e-Sports Club

Monthly Finals Bracket

  Semifinals Finals
  ISplogo std.png ISp 0
  FGlogo std.png FG 2
  FGlogo std.png FG 1
  PEXlogo std.png PEX 2
  PEXlogo std.png PEX 2
  KLGlogo std.png KLG 0

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