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Players from Costa Rica

IDReal NameTeamRoleStream
AcerolaDaniel Villalobos MuñozPDAlogo std.png Predators eSportsJunglerStream
BaulaAlejandro SerranoINF CRlogo std.png Infinity eSports CRSupportStream
ChoisixSteven CorderoPDAlogo std.png Predators eSportsSupportStream
DevilFenixMauricio MadrigalBWLlogo std.png BrawL eSportsJunglerStream
MegaKEsteban MatamorosAD CarryStream
SeiferJames QuesadaBWLlogo std.png BrawL eSportsMid
ShakeitKevin Carmona6SNlogo std.png 6SenseAD Carry
TorrasqueTomas MadrigalBWLlogo std.png BrawL eSportsMidStream

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