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Bunny FuFuu
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Background Information
Name: Michael Kurylo
Country of Birth: United States USA
Birthday: August 29, 1996 (1996-08-29) (age 21)
Residency: News Label - North America.png North America
Team: Cloud9
Role: Support
Favorite champion:  
Soloqueue IDs: iGn BestJesusNA, TMP TheWarlock, ggLA TheWarlock, ggLA Bunny FuFuu, LiL Bunny FuFuu, Crs Bunny FuFuu. My Smurf, GV Bunny FuFuu
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Team History
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??? 2013 - Sep 2013
GgLAlogo std.png Gold Gaming LA
Nov 2013 - ??? 2013
GgLAlogo std.png Gold Gaming LA
Feb 2014 - Mar 2014
GFSlogo std.png Girlfriends
Mar 2014 - Jan 2015
Crslogo std.png Team Curse
May 2014 - Jan 2015
Crs Acadlogo std.png Curse Academy
Jan 2015 - Nov 2015
GVlogo std.png Gravity
Nov 2015 - May 2016
C9logo std.png Cloud9
May 2016 - Jul 2016
C9logo std.png Cloud9
Jun 2016 - Jan 2017
C9logo std.png Cloud9 Challenger
Jul 2016 - Jan 2017
C9logo std.png Cloud9
Jan 2017 - Feb 2017
Casterlogo std.png
C9logo std.png Cloud9
Feb 2017 - Present
C9logo std.png Cloud9
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Michael "Bunny FuFuu" Kurylo is a substitute support for Cloud9.


Michael "Bunny FuFuu" Kurylo is from San Diego, California. He began playing League of Legends during high school and was picked up by Gold Gaming LA as their support when they reformed their roster in November 2013. He played for ggLA in the North American Challenger League where they placed 9th overall.

2014 Preseason

Bunny FuFuu stayed with ggLA until Feburary 2014 where he moved to the team Girlfriends which attempted to qualify for the NA Spring Challenger Series, losing in the finals of the Play In tournament against vVv Gaming White. Shortly thereafter, in March of 2014, Bunny FuFuu was picked up by Team Curse to replace Saintvicious as support.

2014 Season

Playing for Team Curse for the 2014 LCS, Bunny FuFuu immediately became known for his  Thresh play, and was credited with helping Curse's improved performance in the end of the spring split. However, at the end of the split he was replaced by Xpecial when Xpecial was benched from Team Solomid. Bunny FuFuu was then moved to Curse Academy.

2015 Preseason

Curse Academy were given a seed into the Spring Expansion tournament as a result of their participation in the Promotion Tournament. With a roster of Hauntzer, Saintvicious, Keane, Cop, and Bunny FuFuu, they beat compLexity.White 2-0 in the online stage and then advanced to the live tournament, where they defeated Coast and Team Fusion both 3-1, qualifying for the spring season. However, due to the one-team-per-organization rule, the roster was sold and became known as Gravity.

2015 Season

Gravity finished the spring round robin with a 10-8 record, in fifth place, earning a playoff spot. In the quarterfinals, they lost 1-3 to Team Impulse and earned 10 Championship Points for the season. In the summer split, they finished each week in at worst fourth position, even holding sole possession of first place for weeks 7 and 8; however, they lost both of their games in the final week and ended the season in fourth, after a tiebreaker loss to Team Impulse. In the playoff quarterfinals, Gravity lost to Team SoloMid, leaving them with a year-long total of 30 Championship Points, and qualifying for the regional finals in fifth place. They lost immediately in the gauntlet, reverse swept by first-round opponent Cloud9, who went on to qualify to Worlds.

2016 Season

Bunny joined Cloud9 for the 2016 season, intended to split time with Hai and slowly take on Hai's shotcalling row on the team. However, after two losses with Bunny and two wins with Hai, they transitioned to starting Hai fulltime for the rest of the split and Bunny didn't start in any more games. After the end of the split, Cloud9 recreated its Challenger team and shuffled rosters between the two teams, initially setting up for the summer split with Impact, Meteos, Jensen, Sneaky, and Bunny FuFuu as its LCS roster; former Team Dragon Knights support Smoothie later also joined the team.[1][2]

For the first seven weeks of the split, Bunny FuFuu and Smoothie shared the support role, but after that point Bunny stepped down to a substitute and streaming role, and Smoothie became the full-time starter; in his announcement, Bunny stated that "if [he] was presented with the same opportunity [to join Cloud9] again, [he] would still make the exact same choice."[3]


  • The reason there are two u's at the end of Bunny FuFuu is because the name Bunny FuFu was already taken.
  • Was still attending high school while playing with Team Curse.




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