Brazilian Challenger Circuit/2015 Season/Summer Season/Go4LoL January

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Go4LoL January
Go4LoL Desafiante.png
League Information
Organizer: Riot Games
Server: Brazil
Event Type: Online
Country Brazil Brazil
Format: Text
Prize pool: R$ 11,000
Date: 2015-02-07
Links: Website
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Point System and Prize

Point System will be distributed as follows:

Place Points Prize
1st 125 points R$ 5.750
2nd 75 points R$ 2.750
3rd 50 points R$ 1.500
4th 35 points R$ 1.000
5th 25 points
6th 20 points
7th 15 points
8th 10 points

Prize Pool

R$ 11,000 BRL (Approximately $ 4,100 USD) is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Points Prize Team
Gold.png 1st 125 pts R$ 5,750 INTZ Rlogo std.png INTZ Red
Silver.png 2nd 75 pts R$ 2,750 MADlogo std.png MAD Gaming
Bronze.png 3rd 50 pts R$ 1,500 B Godslogo std.png Big Gods
Copper.png 4th 35 pts R$ 1,000 NDlogo std.png ND e-Sports
5th 25 pts IMPlogo std.png IMP e-Sports
6th 20 pts Yakuz4logo std.png Yakuz4 e-SPORTS
7th 15 pts OMNIlogo std.png OMNI e-Sports
8th 10 pts 404Rlogo std.png 404 Returns


  • 8 Teams from Ranking Month January
Ranking Month January Teams(8)
IMPlogo std.png IMP e-Sports MADlogo std.png MAD Gaming 404Rlogo std.png 404 Returns NDlogo std.png ND e-Sports
B Godslogo std.png Big Gods OMNIlogo std.png OMNI e-Sports Yakuz4logo std.png Yakuz4 e-SPORTS INTZ Rlogo std.png INTZ Red


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  IMPlogo std.png IMP 0
  MADlogo std.png MAD 1
  MADlogo std.png MAD 1
  NDlogo std.png ND 0
  404Rlogo std.png 404R 0
  NDlogo std.png ND 1
  MADlogo std.png MAD 0
  INTZ Rlogo std.png INTZ R 1
  B Godslogo std.png B Gods
  OMNIlogo std.png OMNI 3rd place match
  B Godslogo std.png B Gods 0
  B Godslogo std.png B Gods 1
  INTZ Rlogo std.png INTZ R 1
  Yakuz4logo std.png Yakuz4 0   NDlogo std.png ND 0
  INTZ Rlogo std.png INTZ R 1

  Semifinals Finals
  IMPlogo std.png IMP 1
  404Rlogo std.png 404R 0
  IMPlogo std.png IMP 1
  Yakuz4logo std.png Yakuz4 0
  OMNIlogo std.png OMNI 0
  Yakuz4logo std.png Yakuz4 1 3rd place match
  OMNIlogo std.png OMNI 1
  404Rlogo std.png 404R 0