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Background Information
Name: Marius Hæsumgaard
Country of Birth: Denmark Denmark
Birthday: April 17, 1997 (1997-04-17) (age 20)
Residency: News Label - Europe.png Europe
Role: Mid
Favorite champions:    
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Team History
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??? 2013 - ??? 2013
Logo std2.png Heroic eSports
??? ???? - ??? ????
Logo std2.png Nightlife Gaming
Jan 2015 - May 2015
Mymlogo std.png MeetYourMakers
Feb 2015 - Mar 2015
BPIlogo std.png Big Plays Incorporated
May 2015 - May 2015
Low Plogo std.png Low Priority
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Marius "Blizer300" Hæsumgaard was formerly the mid laner for Big Plays Incorporated and a sub for MeetYourMakers.


Marius "Blizer300" Hæsumgaard played on Heroic eSports in 2013, along with Nisbeth and Krislund. His first major appearance was when he stepped in as the mid laner for MeetYourMakers when former mid laner Kori stepped down from the team just days before the first week of the EU LCS Spring 2015 Split started. After the 2nd week of the LCS, Blizer300 moved back to the substitute position as Kori rejoined the team.[1][2]


  • Name Blizer comes from the song "Like a G6," and he misheard a lyric "blizzard" as "blizer." The 300 part comes from the movie 300.




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