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Team has Disbanded.
Bencheados NEW.png
Team Information
Location: Chile Chile
Managers: Nicolás "NicoAndres" Flores
Sponsor(s): ASUS
ASUS Republic of Gamers
Ozone Gaming
SP Digital
Created: Organization 2014
Disbanded: LoL Division 2017-05-23
Social Media and Links
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Current Roster
Bencheados CDLS 2017.png
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Bencheados is a Latin American League of Legends team.


After of a trip to Lago Rapel, Felipe Gómez (MadafOcker) and Luciano Lambelet (Ominator) decided to create a League of Legends team, which it would be made for friends. They called the team Bencheados de KLG ("Bencheados" means benched in spanish), because three of the members were former players from Kaos Latin Gamers. Due the good results showed by the team, Cuballende decided to support it.

On 2015, the team parts ways with Kaos Latin Gamers organization, the name was changed to Bencheados and the roster was reformed.


  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • March 1st, FitzRoy is fined CLP 175,000 due to participated in a tournament without authorization and no supervision of his team.[1]
  • March (approx.), Taqe joins as a sub.
  • March 15th, Furiozz leaves.[2]
  • April 10th, Codpiece leaves.[3]
  • April 11th, Fear leaves.[4]
  • April 22nd, Bauer leaves coaching role.[5]
  • April 23rd, Fix leaves.[6]
  • May 19th, Fitz leaves.[7]
  • May 23rd, team disbands. Advanze and Taqe leave. Pierre leaves coaching role.[8]

Player Roster

Temporary Subs

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
Chile Baltica Bastián Segura 02 Jungle
Logitech G Challenge Argentina 2016


bKLG's Former Roster
Left to right: Raegast, MadafOcker, Blindmodz, Ominator, Vendetta, Elentes
Down: Focho
C ID Name Role Next Team
Chile Advanze Felipe Guajardo 02 Jungle
Chile Taqe Nicolás González 09 Sub/AD
Brazil FitzRoy Mateus Cayres 01 Top RBTlogo std.png Rebirth eSports
Chile Furiozz Ignacio Monardes 06 Sub/Top BKlogo std.png Black Eagles
Argentina Fix Nicolás Sayago 04 AD KLGlogo std.png Kaos Latin Gamers
Argentina Fear Joel Reyna 03 Mid AUTlogo std.png Authority E-sports
Brazil Codpiece Alexandre de Carli 05 Support RBTlogo std.png Rebirth eSports
Argentina Nothing Brandon Merlo 09 Sub/AD LGTlogo std.png Legatum
Brazil Leozuxo Leonardo Camicia 02 Jungle OpKlogo std.png Operation Kino
Argentina Regi Juan Cruz Curto 03 Mid PLlogo std.png PL Gaming
Chile Heinsen Ervin Naour 07 Sub/Jungle KLGlogo std.png Kaos Latin Gamers
Chile Kirito Nicolás Olavarría 08 Sub/Mid ISGlogo std.png Isurus Gaming
Chile Aiden Nicolás Gutiérrez 04 AD DHlogo std.png Dark Horse
Chile LukasNegro Lukas Vega 01 Top PLlogo std.png PL Gaming
Chile Caos Nicolás Guzmán 05 Support LKlogo std.png Last Kings
Chile iBreak Axel Arévalo 02 Jungle PLlogo std.png PL Gaming
Chile xBravo Bastián Bravo 08 Sub/Mid
Chile Vendetta Diego Ramírez 01 Top Riotlogo std.png Riot Games Inc.
Chile Ominator Luciano Lambelet 05 Support FGlogo std.png Furious Gaming
Argentina TomnaM Tomás Ferreira 04 AD PYNlogo std.png Play Again
Argentina Hydra Luca Grieco 03 Mid GGamerslogo std.png Galactic Gamers
Chile Rowlio Francisco González 11 Sub
Chile Focho Matías Porto 04 AD LKlogo std.png Last Kings
Chile Rakyz Vicente Trautmann 03 Mid KLGlogo std.png Kaos Latin Gamers
Chile Gos Gerardo Morales 03 Mid NOClogo std.png Nocturns Gaming
Chile Baws Alan Maldavsky 05 Support Bulletslogo std.png Bullets eSports
Peru FraGio Giovanne Huamán 02 Jungle RvG eSplogo std.png Revenge eSports
Chile Blindmondz Sebastián Reyes 04 AD
Chile Electra Nancy Rubio 10 Sub/Support LKlogo std.png Last Kings
Chile MadafOckeR Felipe Gómez 02 Jungle FGlogo std.png Furious Gaming
Chile Raegast Matías Rojas 03 Mid CL5logo std.png ChiLeanFivE



ID Name Position
Chile Aldebaran Co-Owner
Chile NicoAndres Nicolás Flores General Manager
Chile Chicabyte Celeste Griott Streamer


ID Name Position Next Team
Argentina Saaku Belén Ontivero Graphic Designer HAFlogo std.png Hafnet eSports
Argentina Pierre Misael di Ciancia Head Coach KLGlogo std.png Kaos Latin Gamers
Argentina Bauer Alejandro Zanino 11 Analyst Bulletslogo std.png Bullets eSports
Uruguay MiniWallace Carmelo Porcelli Co-Owner & Director of Esports
Argentina Topita Hernan González Assistant Coach PLlogo std.png PL Gaming
Argentina Oxaciano Iasi Salomon 11 Head Coach CDRlogo std.png Coliseo Dragons
Chile Marcoox Marcos Espinoza Coach FDVlogo std.png Freedom Dive
Chile Elentes Francisco Castro Manager
Chile Manolo Manuel González Quinteros Analyst

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-03-30 2017 CLS logo.png I1ZNQ 2017 CLS Closing Promotion 0 : 3 HAFlogo std.png Hafnet eSports
2017-03-28 CDLS.png A33rd 2017 CDLS Opening Playoffs 2 : 3 LGTlogo std.png Legatum $ 1,055
2016-08-06 2017 CLS logo.png I1ZNQ 2017 CLS Opening Promotion 1 : 3 LKlogo std.png Last Kings
2016-08-05 CDLS.png A11st 2016 CDLS Closing Playoffs 3 : 0 DHlogo std.png Dark Horse
2016-03-25 Latin Cup logo small.png I1ZNQ 2016 CLS Closing Promotion 0 : 3 KLGlogo std.png Kaos Latin Gamers
2016-03-24 CDLS.png A11st 2016 CDLS Opening Playoffs 3 : 1 FDVlogo std.png Freedom Dive
2015-07-30 Latin Cup logo small.png I1ZNQ 2016 CLS Opening Promotion 0 : 3 HAFlogo std.png Hafnet eSports
2015-07-02 Latin Cup logo small.png A66th 2015 LAS Closing Cup 2 : 8 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2015-04-01 Latin Cup logo small.png A44th 2015 LAS Opening Cup Playoffs 0 : 2 LKlogo std.png Last Kings
2015-01-31 Latin Cup logo small.png I1Q 2015 LAS Opening Cup Promotion 12 : 2 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2014-09-09 Latin Cup logo small.png A55 - 6th Riot Latin America Cup 2014 - Colombia 0 : 4 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L) $ 2,000
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-03-03 A22nd 2017 Go4LoL LAS February 0 : 1 LGTlogo std.png Legatum RP 11250
2017-02-03 A44th 2017 Go4LoL LAS January FF : W PLlogo std.png PL Gaming RP 3750
2016-07-01 A22nd 2016 Go4LoL LAS June 0 : 1 PYNlogo std.png Play Again RP 11250
2016-06-03 A11st 2016 Go4LoL LAS May 1 : 0 PYNlogo std.png Play Again $ 500
2016-03-04 A11st 2016 Go4LoL LAS February 1 : 0 FONlogo std.png Force Of Nature $ 500
2016-01-08 A66th 2015 Go4LoL LAS December 0 : 1 Logo std2.png Almas Furiosas
In Minor, Monthly, and Weekly Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-02-25 A11st 2017 Go4LoL LAS February Weekly #4 1 : 0 Logo std2.png wjhasdjhasd xd $ 250
2017-02-18 A11st 2017 Go4LoL LAS February Weekly #3 1 : 0 Logo std2.png Reemeders $ 250
2017-02-11 A11st 2017 Go4LoL LAS February Weekly #2 1 : 0 LGTlogo std.png Legatum $ 250
2017-01-28 A11st 2017 Go4LoL LAS January Weekly #4 1 : 0 WLlogo std.png Wild e-Sports $ 250
2016-11-17 A22nd Logitech G Challenge Argentina 2016 0 : 2 GDMlogo std.png Guerreros del Mouse
2016-06-04 A11st 2016 Go4LoL LAS June Weekly #1 1 : 0 Vivaelrologo std.png Vivaelro $ 250
2016-05-21 A11st 2016 Go4LoL LAS May Weekly #3 1 : 0 OHTlogo std.png Old Hunters $ 250
2016-05-07 A11st 2016 Go4LoL LAS May Weekly #1 1 : 0 FDVlogo std.png Freedom Dive $ 250
2016-02-06 A11st 2016 Go4LoL LAS February Weekly #1 1 : 0 FDVlogo std.png Freedom Dive $ 250
2014-08-02 A11st Chile Nation League 2014 Season 3 3 : 0 TLClogo std.png Team LoL Cave



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