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Roster joined a new Organization.
Albus NoX Luna
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Team Information
Location: Russia Russia
Sponsor(s): Schneider Electric
Life Is On
Sister Teams (Former): Albus NoX Cometa
Albus NoX Sidus
Created: 2016-05-23
Disbanded: 2017-01-09
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Current Roster
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Albus NoX is a Russian esports organization formed in May 2016. Their League of Legends roster were formerly known as Hard Random.


Season 6

Albus NoX Luna was announced on May 24th, 2016, as the new name of Hard Random.[1] They inherited Hard Random's LCL Summer Season seed. The change happened between the Spring and Summer Split, after the team's loss against SuperMassive eSports in the Finals series of the 2016 International Wildcard Invitational.

The team kept up their two-year long record of domestic dominance, handily placing first in the Regular Season with an almost perfect 13-1 best-of-one record. They then chose to face third place team RoX in the Playoffs Semifinals, advancing to the Finals with a 3-0 victory. There they faced Vega Squadron and reestablished themselves as the CIS region champions in an hard fought 3-2 reverse sweep. For the fourth time in the organization's history, the first as Albus NoX, they joined an International Wildcard event as representatives of the region.

The team went on to place third in the Round Robin stage of the 2016 International Wildcard Qualifier and accessed the Bracket Stage, where they faced the Tournament's favourite Lyon Gaming. The LAN team had previously defeated all other teams in the Group Stage and was considered by many the most mechanically gifted roster at the event, but the CIS squad won the series 3-2 and qualified for their first ever major international event, the 2016 Season World Championship.

Albus NoX was drafted into Group A, together with Korean first seed ROX Tigers, European first seed G2 Esports and North American second seed Counter Logic Gaming. Despite being widely predicted to be one of the worst of the sixteen teams at the World Championship, Albus NoX finished groups with a 4-2 record and the most wins ever earned by a wildcard at Worlds. Although they lost a tiebreaker against ROX for first in the group, the CIS team also became the first wildcard team to ever qualify for the quarterfinals at Worlds. In the process, they also qualified for the IEM World Championship in Katowice and became the first team with a roster entirely from the Commonwealth of Independent States since Gambit Gaming in 2013 to place in the Top 8 at Worlds. Their first international adventure came to an end at their first Best-of-Five series, as they suffered a 0-3 loss against H2k-Gaming; however, their inspiring performances and words brought them fans and recognition both in the CIS and international scene.


  • 2017
  • 2016
  • January 9th, team's roster and LCL spot are acquired by M19.[2]

Player Roster


C ID Name Role Next Team
Russia Smurf Dmitri Ivanov (Дмитрий Иванов) 01 Top M19logo std.png M19
Ukraine PvPStejos Aleksander Glazkov (Александер Ґлазков) 02 Jungle M19logo std.png M19
Ukraine Kira Mykhailo Harmash (Михаіло Гармаш) 03 Mid M19logo std.png M19
Russia Likkrit Kirill Malofeyev 05 Support M19logo std.png M19
Russia HediN Artyom Plutalov (Артём Плуталов) 06 Sub/Top
Ukraine unho1y Alexander Sevastyanov (Александр Севостьянов) 09 Sub/AD VAElogo std.png Vaevictis eSports
Ukraine aMiracle Vladislav Scherbyna (Владіслав Щербина) 04 AD Navilogo std.png Natus Vincere.CIS



C ID Name Position Next Team
Russia Ansva Konstantin Chanchikov (Константин Чанчиков) Head Coach M19logo std.png M19
Russia Tunes Anton Boyko (Антон Бойко) Analyst
Russia Madneps Alexey Kholin (Алексей Холин) Manager VAElogo std.png Vaevictis eSports

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-11-27 2017 LCL.png A11st 2017 LCL Open Cup 2 : 1 Vegalogo std.png Vega Squadron ₽ 750,000
2016-10-16 WCS 2015 small.png A55 - 8th 2016 Season World Championship 0 : 3 H2klogo std.png H2k-Gaming $ 202,800
2016-09-04 IWC logo small.png I1Q 2016 International Wildcard Qualifier 3 : 2 LYNlogo std.png Lyon Gaming WC Seed
2016-08-14 2017 LCL.png A11st 2016 LCL Summer Playoffs 3 : 2 Vegalogo std.png Vega Squadron ₽ 1,500,000
2016-07-10 2017 LCL.png A11st 2016 LCL Summer Season 13 : 1 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)

Highlight Videos


  • 2016


  • 2016

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