2017 Preseason Roster Swaps/Japan/Current Rosters

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This page was created to track Preseason roster changes between the end of the 2016 season and the beginning of the 2017. Rosters will not be updated after the 2017 season starts. For up to date rosters, please see each team's page.

LJL Starting Rosters

DTNGlogo std.png DetonatioN FocusMe
2016 2017
Top Yutapon
Jungle Daydream Paz
Mid Ceros
AD Hikari Zerost
Support viviD
Rampagelogo std.png Rampage
2016 2017
Top Paz Evi
Jungle Tussle
Mid Roki Ramune
AD Meron YutoriMoyashi
Support Dara
RJlogo std.png Rascal Jester
2016 2017
Top Nap Atyamomo
Jungle WyverN
Mid HW4NG alleycat
AD Yuki NoA
Support NoA Yuki
SCARZlogo std.png SCARZ
2016 2017
Top Arfoad
Jungle Mei
Mid alleycat Search
AD Day1
Support Kazu