2017 Mid-Season Invitational

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2017 Mid-Season Invitational
League Information
Organizer: Riot Games
Event Type: Offline
Country Brazil Brazil
Location: Play-In Stage:
Riot Games Brazil Studio, São Paulo
Group & Knockout Stage:
Jeunesse Arena, Rio de Janeiro
Start Date: 2017-04-28
End Date: 2017-05-21
Links: Website
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The 2017 Mid-Season Invitational is held between the first and second splits of all regions.



Prize Pool


Classified Teams
Enters at Round 4 (Group Stage)
Qualified Via Date Team Finals Result
News Label - Korea.png Ogn logo.png 2017 LCK Spring April 22nd
News Label - China.png LPL 2017 logo.png 2017 LPL Spring April 29th
News Label - Europe.png EU LCS logo small.png 2017 EU LCS Spring April 23rd
Enters at Round 2 (Play-in Playoffs)
News Label - North America.png NA LCS logo small.png 2017 NA LCS Spring April 23rd
News Label - Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao.png LMS 2016 logo.png2017 LMS Spring April 23rd
Enters at Round 1 (Play-in Group Stage)
News Label - Brazil.png CBLOL 2017 Logo.png 2017 CBLOL Summer April 8th
News Label - Latin America South.png 2017 CLS logo.png 2017 CLS Opening April 8th
News Label - SEA.png Gpllogo small.png 2017 GPL Spring April 16th
News Label - CIS.png LCL logo.png 2017 LCL Spring April 9th
News Label - Japan.png LJL 2016 logo.png 2017 LJL Spring April 1st
News Label - Latin America North.png LLN.png 2017 LLN Opening April 15th
News Label - Oceania.png OPL logo small.png 2017 OPL Split 1 April 16th
News Label - Turkey.png TCL 2015 logo small.png 2017 TCL Winter April 22nd






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