2016 Season China Regional Finals

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2016 China Regional Finals
2016 WCS logo.png
League Information
Organizer: Tencent Games
Event Type: Offline
Country China China
Location: Guangzhou International Sports Arena
Format: King-of-the-Hill Bracket
Start Date: 2016-08-27
End Date: 2016-08-28
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The 2016 Season China Regional Finals will determine the 3rd Chinese team to qualify for the 2016 Season World Championship in October.



  • The 2nd to 5th ranked teams in Chinese Championship Points will qualify (excluding any teams that have already qualified).
  • Single elimination tournament with seeding based on Championship Points ranks
  • All matches are best of five
  • Winner qualifies for the 2016 Season World Championship

Prize Pool

Place Prize Team
Gold.png 1st Q for 2016 Worlds IMAYlogo std.png I May
Silver.png 2nd Welogo std.png Team WE
Bronze.png3rd Snakelogo std.png Snake Esports
Copper.png4th Vicilogo std.png Vici Gaming


Eye - Show All.pngRosters

I May
Hong Kong AmazingJ
Hong Kong Avoidless
South Korea athena
China Jinjiao
South Korea Road
Snake Esports
China Flandre
Vietnam SofM
South Korea TANK
China kRYST4L
China JieZou
Team WE
China 957
China Condi
China xiye
South Korea Mystic
South Korea Zero


  Round 1 Round 2 Finals
  IMAYlogo std.png IMAY 3
  Welogo std.png WE 2
  Welogo std.png WE 3
  Snakelogo std.png Snake 2
  Snakelogo std.png Snake 3
  Vicilogo std.png VG 2

MVP Standings

Place Times Player
1st 4 Snakelogo std.png  SofM
2nd 3 Welogo std.png  Condi
3rd 2 IMAYlogo std.png  athena
4th 1 Vicilogo std.png  Easyhoon
4th 1 Snakelogo std.png  Flandre
4th 1 IMAYlogo std.png  jinjiao
4th 1 Vicilogo std.png  Loong
4th 1 Welogo std.png  xiye
4th 1 Welogo std.png  Zero


Immediately following Regional Finals, a Korea vs. China celebrity showmatch was held in honor of the LPL's fifth anniversary. China's team included singer and J Team owner Jay Chou along with actors Lin Geng-Xin (Scarlet Heart / God of War Zhao Yun), Ma Ke (Journey of Flower) and Chen He (IPartament), while Korea's team consisted of K-Pop stars Heechul (Super Junior), Hongki, Minhwan and Seunghyun (Five Treasure Island) and Seungri (Big Bang).[1][2]


Strongest Team on Earth
(China Celebrity All-Stars)
Geniuses of the Universe (W)
(Korea Celebrity All-Stars)
J Teamlogo std.png  Taiwan Jay Chou Blanklogo std.png South Korea Kim Hee-chul
Blanklogo std.png China Zhu Zhen Blanklogo std.png South Korea Lee Hong-gi
Blanklogo std.png China Chen He Blanklogo std.png South Korea Choi Min-hwan
Blanklogo std.png China Lin Geng-Xin Blanklogo std.png South Korea Lee Seung-hyun
Blanklogo std.png China Ma Ke Blanklogo std.png South Korea Song Seung-hyun


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Game Schedule
Round Match Result Date YOU PDT CEST KST Countdown VoDs/Stream Discussion
Round 1
Snake Snakelogo std.png
vs. Vicilogo std.png VG
[Show] 2016,8,27,04,20 2016,8,27,04,20 21:20 06:20 13:20 12345 Reddit
Round 2
WE Welogo std.png
vs. Snakelogo std.png Snake
[Show] 2016,8,27,09,45 2016,8,27,09,45 02:45 11:45 18:45 12345 Reddit
IMAY IMAYlogo std.png
vs. Welogo std.png WE
[Show] 2016,8,28,04,20 2016,8,28,04,20 21:20 06:20 13:20 12345 Reddit







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  1. Heechul's interpreter confuses interview with Jay Chou (Chinese) ET Today (English translation by CPopLove)
  2. Korea vs. China Celebrity Showmatch @ 2016 Regional Finals - Post-Match Discussion Reddit (/r/KPop)