2015 Turkish Champions League/Summer Playoffs

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2015 Turkish Champions League Summer Playoffs
TCL 2015 logo.png
League Information
Organizer: Riot Games Turkey
Sponsor: Coca Cola Zero
Turkcell Gnctrkcll
Server: Turkey
Event Type: Offline
Country Turkey Turkey
Start Date: 2015-07-25
End Date: 2015-08-08
Links: Website
Winner: Dark PassageLogo std.png Dark Passage
Second: BJKlogo std.png Beşiktaş e-Sports Club
Third: TTlogo std.png Team Turquality
HWA GamingLogo std.png HWA Gaming
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Prize Pool

TL 37,500 TRY (Approximately $18,586 USD) is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize Team
Gold.png 1st 20,000 TRY
Qual to IWCT
Dark PassageLogo std.png Dark Passage
Silver.png 2nd 10,000 TRY BJKlogo std.png Beşiktaş e-Sports Club
SF.png 3rd/4th TBD TTlogo std.png Team Turquality
HWA GamingLogo std.png HWA Gaming
5th NR1logo std.png NumberOne Esports
6th OHlogo std.png Oyun Hizmetleri


Beşiktaş e-Sports Club
Beşiktaş e-Sports Clublogo square.png
Turkey Thaldrin  
Finland Taikki  
Germany avenuee  
Turkey Honos  
Czech Republic Nardeus  
Turkey Dumbledoge  
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Dark Passage
Dark Passagelogo square.png
Turkey Elwind  
Turkey Crystal
Turkey Naru
Turkey Zeitnot
Spain Rydle
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HWA Gaming
HWA Gaminglogo square.png
Turkey fabfabulous  
Turkey Stomaged
Poland niQ760
Turkey HolyPhoenix
Poland SuperAZE
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Team Turquality
Sweden Xyraz  
Sweden Rawbin
Turkey LongB
Turkey Revanche
Turkey un1tback
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Oyun Hizmetleri
Oyun Hizmetlerilogo square.png
United Kingdom numlocked  
Algeria Kanani
Turkey Immortoru
Turkey Ruvelius
Turkey rôgu
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NumberOne Esports
NumberOne Esportslogo square.png
Turkey NasesUyno  
Turkey Adaniel
Turkey wtcN
Turkey KillerEs
Turkey Swanepoel
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  Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
  BJKlogo std.png BJK 3
  TTlogo std.png TT 3
  TTlogo std.png TT 2
  OHlogo std.png OH 1
  OHlogo std.png OH 0   BJKlogo std.png BJK 1
  NR1logo std.png NR1 2   Dark PassageLogo std.png DP 3
  Dark PassageLogo std.png DP 3
  HWA GamingLogo std.png HWA 3
  HWA GamingLogo std.png HWA 0
  NR1logo std.png NR1 0

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  • Quarter-Finals
  • Semi-Finals
  • Final
Game Schedule
Round Match Result Date YOU PDT CEST KST Countdown VoDs/Stream Discussion
TT TTlogo std.png
vs. OHlogo std.png OH
[Show] 2015,7,25,11,00 2015,7,25,11,00 04:00 13:00 20:00 12345 -
HWA HWA GamingLogo std.png
vs. NR1logo std.png NR1
[Show] 2015,7,26,11,00 2015,7,26,11,00 04:00 13:00 20:00 12345 -
Game Schedule
Round Match Result Date YOU PDT CEST KST Countdown VoDs/Stream Discussion
BJK BJKlogo std.png
vs. TTlogo std.png TT
[Show] 2015,8,01,11,00 2015,8,01,11,00 04:00 13:00 20:00 12345 -
5th Place
OH OHlogo std.png
vs. NR1logo std.png NR1
[Show] 2015,8,02,07,00 2015,8,02,07,00 00:00 09:00 16:00 -- -
DP Dark PassageLogo std.png
vs. HWA GamingLogo std.png HWA
[Show] 2015,8,02,11,00 2015,8,02,11,00 04:00 13:00 20:00 12345 -
Game Schedule
Round Match Result Date YOU PDT CEST KST Countdown VoDs/Stream Discussion
BJK BJKlogo std.png
vs. Dark PassageLogo std.png DP
[Show] 2015,8,08,11,00 2015,8,08,11,00 04:00 13:00 20:00 12345 Reddit

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