2014 Turkish Champions League/Spring

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2014 Turkish Champions League Spring
League Information
Organizer: Riot Games Turkey
Sponsor: Avea
Server: Turkey
Event Type: Online/Offline
Country Turkey Turkey
Start Date: 2014-02-08
End Date: 2014-03-30
Links: Website
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The 2014 Turkish Champions League is the first Turkish Championship Series run by Riot Games Turkey. Throughout each seven-week split, eight teams will play to determine the teams that qualify for Turkish Winter Finals, Spring Finals, Summer Finals and Season 4 Turkish Championship.



  • There will be four split for 2014 Turkish Champions League.
    • Spring Split
      • League play
      • Each team plays all of the other teams two times
      • Each match is best of one
    • Spring Finals
      • After Spring Split first six teams qualify for Finals
      • Two teams that finished the season first and second spot, will start the tournament from semi-finals

Prize Pool

TL 37,500 TRY (Approximately $18,586 USD) is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize Team
Gold.png 1st TL 20,000 Dark PassageLogo std.png Dark Passage
Silver.png 2nd TL 10,000 WFlogo std.png Wild Fire e-Sports Club
Bronze.png 3rd TL 5,000 TTlogo std.png Team Turquality
Copper.png 4th TL 2,500 HWA GamingLogo std.png HWA Gaming
5th-6th ANTlogo std.png ANT Gaming
BPIlogo std.png Big Plays Incorporated



Regular Season

Season Rankings
1. WFlogo std.png Wild Fire e-Sports Club 11-3 79%
2. Dark PassageLogo std.png Dark Passage 11-3 79%
3. HWA GamingLogo std.png HWA Gaming 10-4 71%
4. TTlogo std.png Team Turquality 7-7 50%
5. ANTlogo std.png ANT Gaming 7-7 50%
6. BPIlogo std.png Big Plays Incorporated 4-11 27%
7. GElogo std.png GameEkstra 3-13 19%
8. AWHlogo std.png Always With Honor 3-13 19%


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  WFlogo std.png WF 2
  TTlogo std.png TT 2
  TTlogo std.png TT 1
  ANTlogo std.png ANT 0
  WFlogo std.png WF 0
  Dark PassageLogo std.png DP 3
3rd place match
  Dark PassageLogo std.png DP 2
  HWA GamingLogo std.png HWA 2   TTlogo std.png TT 2
  HWA GamingLogo std.png HWA 1
  BPIlogo std.png BPI 0   HWA GamingLogo std.png HWA 1

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