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LasTLiE's awesome tournament
League Information
Organizer: LasTLiE
Start Date: 2010-10-10
End Date: 2010-10-17
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Adding an infobox to your tournament page

An Infobox is one of the standard features of any EsportsWikis page, and it's no different for tournaments and leagues. The {{Infobox League}}-template should come before the article text start, but perhaps after other templates such as Tabs or Stub, and also after a banner that you'd like to add to the top. Following will be the explanation of the code, and some templates for you to use on a tournament page.

Code Explanation

{{Infobox League

This brings out the template you will be using.

|name=LasTLiE's awesome tournament
|organizer= LasTLiE

Tournament name, link to the banner (upload to EsportsWikis), and name of organizer, the template will automatically look for a EsportsWikis page for the organizer and link to it, if it exists. Up to four organizers can be added with |organizer2 - |organizer4 (these will also link to EsportsWikis pages just like the first organizer blank). Alternately, you can make an it an external link to the organizer's website. Also to note: at the moment, Name and Organizer are the only fields that will be displayed even if they are left empty.

|sponsor= [http://www.madeupsite.com/ madeupsite]
|server= EU

Either eu, na, kr, cn, tw, ru, sea, la, and eu/na for both Europe and N. America.

|type= Weekly Online

Either offline, online, or weekly online.

|format=1v1, Single Elimination

Sponsor of the event, where the tournament takes place (if it is an offline event), the type of event (offline, online or weekly online, etc.). Be sure to add country to offline events, or online too if it indicates which language that is used in most casts and info(ex: An online event only broadcast in French would have |country=france). The format variable should be a short description of the match format and the tournament format (like "1v1, Round Robin" or "Bo3, Double Elimination").

|prizepool= $ 5,000

The size of the prize pool for the tournament.

|date= ''2010-10-10''
|sdate= ''2010-10-10''
|edate= ''2010-10-17''

Date of event or if it spans multiple days, you can instead add start and end date. Please try to use the ISO date standard (YYYY-MM-DD) with the normal "hyphen-minus" (-) as a separator.


Official webpage for the tournament/league, add complete URLs for them to work properly. No title for the links can be given.


If the event is an offline/LAN event, put in the venue's address.


Ends the use of the template, without this the template will not work.

Results Section

There are several options for results.


Use these results to signify the winners of the tournament. You may either specify |third1 and |third2 if no third-place match was played; otherwise use |third and |fourth. Do not use both |third and |third1!!


If the tournament was a qualifying event for another tournament, then use these arguments instead.

By default these arguments will all use {{team}} around what you enter, so you would write |first=KT Arrows. If you wish to specify player names or something else, then add the argument |freeedit=true. Then you can write |first=[[Mata]] or even |first=[[Mata]]<br>[[MadLife]] or whatever you wish within each field. |freeedit ONLY applies to the above arguments within the Results section.


These are completely free entries. You can specify something like "MVP" or additional places (fifth-eighth) or anything you wish. |resultnameX will display on the left-hand side as the name of the result, and |resultX will display on the right-hand side as the recipient of that result. So for example you could write:


Copy & Paste Templates

You'll find three templates and a full variables list below. Chose the one that suits your needs the best.

NOTE: After you've entered all the information you have, do not add: 0, N/A, TBD etc to empty variable fields, instead it is often times best to just remove the empty ones, unless you know this information will be coming in the future (like results for first through third place) but then you can just leave the fields blank.

Adapted from Liquipedia