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2017 Season

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  • North America
  • Europe
  • Korea
  • China
  • TW/HK/MO
  • IWC
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  • LCS
  • CS
EU LCS 2015.png
Aug 19th - Sep 3rd 2017

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
  UOLlogo std.png UOL
  MSFlogo std.png MSF
  H2klogo std.png H2k
  G2logo std.png G2
  Splycelogo std.png Splyce

Latest News
August 17th
News Label - Turkey.png P3Plogo std.png P3P Reje leaves.
August 16th
News Label - Turkey.png AURlogo std.png AUR Godbro leaves.
News Label - Turkey.png GLKlogo std.png GLK Broken Blade leaves.
August 15th
News Label - Brazil.png CNB govTLogo std.png CNB Visdom leaves.
News Label - CIS.png Vegalogo std.png Vega Team disbands. NoNholy, Zanzarah, Drobovik123, Optimas, delord and Nomanz leave. Sharkz leaves coaching role.
August 13th
News Label - North America.png
LCS logo 25x25.png
Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid and P1logo std.png Phoenix1 qualify for 2018 NA LCS Spring Season.
News Label - SEA.png
VCS logo small.png
Gold.pngMESlogo std.png GIGABYTE Marines Silver.pngYGElogo std.png Young Generation in the 2017 VCS A Summer Playoff.
News Label - SEA.png
Gpllogo small.png
Klhlogo std.png Kuala Lumpur Hunters qualify for 2017 GPL Summer Season.
August 12th
News Label - Turkey.png OHlogo std.png OH Phurion leaves.
News Label - Latin America South.png LKlogo std.png LK InKos leaves.
News Label - SEA.png
Gpllogo small.png
ASClogo std.png Ascension Gaming, HHlogo std.png Headhunters and YGElogo std.png Young Generation qualify for 2017 GPL Summer Season.
August 9th
News Label - Brazil.png KStarslogo std.png kStars Ziriguidun leaves.
News Label - Turkey.png
TCL 2015 logo small.png
OHlogo std.png Oyun Hizmetleri qualify for 2018 TCL Winter Season.
August 8th
News Label - International.png
Patch v7.16 is released.
News Label - Turkey.png
TCL 2015 logo small.png
GLKlogo std.png Galakticos qualifies for 2018 TCL Winter Season.
August 6th
News Label - International.png
WCS 2015 small.png
Yoe.FWlogo std.png Flash Wolves qualifies for 2017 Season World Championship.
News Label - Europe.png
CS EU logo.png
S04logo std.png FC Schalke 04 qualify for 2018 EU LCS Spring Promotion.
News Label - SEA.png
Gpllogo small.png
RSGClogo std.png Resurgence qualifies for 2017 GPL Summer Season.
August 4th
News Label - Europe.png NiPlogo std.png NiP WhiteKnight joins as sub.
News Label - Europe.png PSGlogo std.png PSG WhiteKnight leaves.
August 2nd
News Label - Europe.png Basklogo std.png Bask XDSMILEY leaves.
August 1st
News Label - Europe.png Basklogo std.png Bask SelfMadeMan leaves.
July 31st
News Label - Europe.png Splycelogo std.png Splyce Gevous leaves.
News Label - Europe.png WARlogo std.png WAR Woolite leaves.
News Label - Europe.png TPGMlogo std.png TPGM Karakal Jr leaves.

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Tournament Match Countdown
LSPL 2017 Spring Playoffs
VG Vicilogo std.png vs GMTlogo std.png GMT
LMS 2017 Summer Playoffs
ahq AHQLogo std.png vs J Teamlogo std.png JT
LSPL 2017 Spring Playoffs
YM YMlogo std.png vs LDGlogo std.png LDG
CK 2017 Summer Playoffs
Griffin Griffinlogo std.png vs APKlogo std.png APK
LPL 2017 Summer
LGD Lgdlogo std.png vs RNGlogo std.png RNG
LPL 2017 Summer
JDG JDGlogo std.png vs OMGlogo std.png OMG
EU LCS 2018 Spring Promotion
NiP NiPlogo std.png vs Giantslogo std.png Giants
OPL 2017 Split 2
LGC LGClogo std.png vs Sinlogo std.png Sin
LPL 2017 Summer
Snake Snakelogo std.png vs IMAYlogo std.png IMAY
LCK 2017 Summer Playoffs
KT KTRolsterLogo std.png vs SKT1Logo std.png SKT T1
LPL 2017 Summer
EDG EDGlogo std.png vs Welogo std.png WE
OPL 2017 Split 2
RGC RGClogo std.png vs Abysslogo std.png Abyss
LPL 2017 Summer
DAN DANlogo std.png vs IGlogo std.png iG
TCL 2017 Summer Playoffs
FEN FENlogo std.png vs SUPlogo std.png SUP
EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs
UOL UOLlogo std.png vs MSFlogo std.png MSF
CBLOL 2017 Winter Playoffs
INTZ INTZlogo std.png vs Painlogo std.png paiN
CLS 2017 Closing Playoffs
KLG KLGlogo std.png vs ISGlogo std.png ISG
NA LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs
C9 C9logo std.png vs Dignitaslogo std.png d
OPL 2017 Split 2
tM TMlogo std.png vs Avlogo std.png Av
LPL 2017 Summer
JDG JDGlogo std.png vs SNGlogo std.png SNG
LMS 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 2
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Current Patch: v7.14
Featured Mode: Dark Star - Singularity (7/14 - 7/18)