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2017 Season

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  • North America
  • Europe
  • Korea
  • China
  • TW/HK/MO
  • IWC
  • International
  • LCK
  • Challengers
Regular Season
May 30th - Aug 6th 2017

1. Samsunglogo std.png Samsung Galaxy 11-2 (23-8) +15pts
2. LongZhulogo std.png Longzhu Gaming 10-3 (23-10) +13pts
3. KTRolsterLogo std.png KT Rolster 10-3 (22-11) +11pts
4. SKT1Logo std.png SK Telecom T1 9-5 (18-13) +5pts
5. Freecslogo std.png Afreeca Freecs 8-5 (21-15) +6pts
6. JAGlogo std.png Jin Air Green Wings 6-7 (15-15) 0pts
7. ROXTlogo std.png ROX Tigers 5-8 (14-18) -4pts
8. Bbqlogo std.png bbq Olivers 3-11 (9-24) -15pts
9. E8 WINlogo std.png Ever8 Winners 2-11 (9-22) -13pts
10. MVPlogo std.png MVP 2-11 (5-23) -18pts
Latest News
July 19th
News Label - North America.png P1logo std.png P1 Pirean rejoins. Zyto moves to general manager. TheAkiri moves to assistant coach.
News Label - North America.png NVlogo std.png nV Pirean leave.
July 19th
News Label - Europe.png MRDSlogo std.png MRDS Treatz and Hatrixx leave.
News Label - Europe.png KIYFlogo std.png KIYF Vardags leaves.
July 18th
News Label - Europe.png Origenlogo std.png Origen xani leaves.
July 17th
News Label - Turkey.png VAlogo std.png VA Atom leaves.
July 15th
News Label - North America.png Dignitaslogo std.png d Chaser leaves.
July 14th
News Label - Europe.png MRDSlogo std.png MRDS Bucu leaves.
July 13th
News Label - Europe.png KIYFlogo std.png KIYF Nandisk0 leaves.
News Label - Turkey.png VAlogo std.png VA Taikki leaves.
July 11th
News Label - International.png
Patch v7.14 is released.
July 10th
News Label - China.png Lgdlogo std.png LGD Banana joins as a sub.

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Tournament Match Countdown
2017 ESL Masters Gamepolis
Bask Basklogo std.png vs Giantslogo std.png Giants
LGS 2017 Summer
HH HHlogo std.png vs PXlogo std.png PX
VCS A 2017 Summer
CTR CTRlogo std.png vs LG Redlogo std.png LG Red
LPL 2017 Summer
OMG OMGlogo std.png vs Welogo std.png WE
2017 ESL Masters Gamepolis
MRDS MRDSlogo std.png vs EMKlogo std.png eMz S
LCK 2017 Summer
E8W E8 WINlogo std.png vs LongZhulogo std.png LZ
LJL 2017 Summer
7h 7Hlogo std.png vs BCOlogo std.png BCO
LMS 2017 Summer
JT J Teamlogo std.png vs Yoe.FWlogo std.png FW
TCL 2017 Summer
FEN FENlogo std.png vs Dark PassageLogo std.png DP
2017 ESL Masters Gamepolis Group A
VCS A 2017 Summer
FIG FIGlogo std.png vs MESlogo std.png MES
LCL 2017 Summer
Vega Vegalogo std.png vs VAElogo std.png VAE
TCL 2017 Summer
GLK GLKlogo std.png vs CLKlogo std.png CLK
LCL 2017 Summer
Just A Just Alogo std.png vs GambitLogo std.png Gambit
LCL 2017 Summer
M19 M19logo std.png vs VAElogo std.png VAE
EU LCS 2017 Summer
Fnatic Fnaticlogo std.png vs UOLlogo std.png UOL
TCL 2017 Summer
P3P P3Plogo std.png vs SUPlogo std.png SUP
2017 ESL Masters Gamepolis Group B
CBLOL 2017 Winter
PRG PRGlogo std.png vs CNB govTLogo std.png CNB
LCL 2017 Summer
VP VPlogo std.png vs Vegalogo std.png Vega
LCL 2017 Summer
NV.CIS Navilogo std.png vs RoXlogo std.png RoX
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Current Patch: v7.14
Featured Mode: Dark Star - Singularity (7/14 - 7/18)